Win back your ex after he's moved on to someone else

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If the guy you love broke up with you, and has started a rebound relationship with someone new, is it possible to get him back?

Even if he’s moved on, you can win him back. Learn how!

Of course it is! You can win back your ex, even after he has moved on to someone else.

Why did he move on so fast?

Look at it this way: why is your ex in a rebound relationship? It’s because he wants to spend time with someone else, to help him forget about you.

The rebound relationship is temporary, not the stuff of true love. Finding a rebound relationship allows your ex to avoid dealing with the stress of breaking up. The rebound woman keeps him from thinking about the real love he used to share with you.

And that’s the essential thing you have to remember, as you try to get him back. He’s only with the rebound woman because it helps him deal with losing you.

Don’t worry about the past, because it is not important here. Don’t focus on why he broke up with you, or on whether your relationship’s ending was his fault, or yours. The important thing is that your relationship was grounded in true love.

Nearly all relationships grounded in true love can be saved.

Even if he’s moved on, you can win him back. Learn how!

Why did he pick her?

It’s likely he concentrated on what he thought was wrong with your relationship, when he picked the woman for his rebound relationship. He probably looked for someone who was not like you. So if you were emotional, he’s probably hanging out with someone calm. If you liked going out, now he’s staying home. Or, vice versa.

The fact that he made a special effort to find someone different from you actually works in your favor, in a couple of ways. One — focusing on the differences between you and her keeps his focus on you, even though he’s not with you. And two — seeing him with someone unlike you provides you with insight into what he might be looking for.

If the woman he’s with now is very, very different from you, then you know he was not getting something he needed out of your relationship. You need to think about whether this is something you can provide, if you get back together.

What’s the plan to win back your ex?

So what should you do, while he’s in a rebound relationship? Wait it out. Let it run its course. Everyone has faults, and as he spends more and more time with his new woman, he’ll start to see hers. Give him about a month with rebound gal, and you’ll start to look pretty good to him.

See why you don’t want to go crawling back to him right away? You want his nostalgia for the good things in your relationship to grow. When he finally finds his way back to you, be generous. Welcome him back with open arms. You want to be a “new and improved” version of your old self, but don’t chase after him.

Even if he’s moved on, you can win him back. Learn how!

While your ex is busy with his rebound relationship, there are some things you must not do:

  1. Don’t be too aggressive about trying to win him back. Don’t keep telling him, “Rebound girl isn’t the love of your life — I am!” Let him realize this on his own.
  2. Don’t constantly apologize. If you have something to be sorry for, say, “I’m sorry” one time, and then move on. You want him to focus on the reasons he loves you, not the reasons he left.
  3. Don’t make promises to change. Who you are — that’s who he fell in love with.
  4. No matter what, don’t beg him to take you back. Begging never, ever works.

It’s very common for an ex to find a rebound relationship, right after breaking up with you. You can still reconcile and win back your ex after he’s moved on to someone else. A rebound relationship signals that he’s stressed by the breakup, and hasn’t stopped loving you.

Even if he’s moved on, you can win him back. Learn how!