Ex Back Book - Win Back Love Review

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Whether you’re coming off the end of a deep relationship that you thought was meant to last a long time because of a long decay, or because of one colossal mistake – Win Back Love is a great place to start. Annalyn Caras provides the emotional tools you need to stop blaming yourself and get things on track.

If you’re in a relationship that’s waning and you sense the “we need to talk” talk coming up, she offers a wealth of information on reviving a chilly love life and keeping your relationship glued together.

Like many other books in this genre, Win Back Love tells you to recreate the mystery and intrigue that drew your lover’s attention in the first place. Once you’ve done that, you can pretty effortlessly get THEM to initiate contact with YOU, giving you all the leverage you need.

So, who is this book for? While other books like M3 and Ex-Girlfriend Guru help you work on yourself, making you better equipped to handle any relationship, Win Love Back is really focused on getting you back with “the one” and pulling on emotions that you’ve built together over a long period of time.

This one isn’t going to be very effective for quickie relationships. The material it covers is pretty similar to Magic of Making Up – and it has the downside of being a bit more expensive. I’d advise you to give Magic of Making Up a spin first, and if you’re looking for extra information on how you and your partner can work together and set constructive goals, give this book a spin.

Visit the ‘Win Back Love’ Website Now!