Will your ex want you back if you find someone new?

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It might be time to truly begin opening your heart to a new love, but if you’re just using someone innocent to make your ex jealous you could be hurting everyone involved — including yourself.

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There is some truth to the saying that you’re more attractive when you’re in demand. Everyone wants what’s just out of reach — or something (someone) that they can’t have (remember Adam and Eve?) Some relationships really have been mended after one partner began seriously dating a new love.

However, play-acting and setting him up to be jealous is very likely to feel ‘wrong’ to him, plus it’s taking advantage of an innocent outsider who may not realize he’s being used as a pawn in your personal love war. That’s not fair.

The other down-side is that if he’s considering getting back together with you and stumbles across you and your new date, he might react in any of several bad ways:

  • dangerous (if that’s his tendency)
  • fed-up (he’ll walk away in disgust)
  • or relieved that he doesn’t have to worry about you anymore.

That’s not the result you’re after!

What you want is to actually try to heal and improve yourself and leave the door open to new love, whichever direction that comes from. Your entire demeanor and that invisible energy that everyone can spot a mile away, will make you feel great, for one, and broadcast your vitality and desirability to the world.

The healing you need to do after the trauma of your breakup is important. The damage to your self-image is obvious to all. So when you genuinely learn to ‘let go and let God’, it shows.

This is when your ex will somehow sense that he’s about to lose you. Don’t know how that happens — it must be a sixth sense — but he will. And then, you may be surprised to realize you’re not as desperate as you had been to get him back. He’ll feel this.

But it has to be real. It it’s not, he’ll feel that, too, and that’s a very bad thing.

So, get yourself healthy and healed. Even seek therapy if you need it, or find help in friends or church. You need a support group, so meet people, get involved and take care of yourself. Feel good about yourself again. He’ll find this ‘new you’ irresistible.

If you then decide to try to get back with him, it will be for healthy reasons, and he’ll be reuniting with a stronger, happier, more vibrant ‘you’.

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