To call my ex, or not to call my ex?

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Short answer? Don’t call.

Long answer? It depends.

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When is it okay to call my ex?

Calling your ex is okay if your reason for calling would also make you decide to call a person you are not very close to.

Would you call that guy Dave, that you worked with two years ago, who still has that book he borrowed from you and now you need it back? Sure you would. So that tells you, if your ex has something of yours that you need to get back, it is okay to call.

It is also okay to call if you have children together, and need to make arrangements related to them.

Even if you can justify calling your ex, never allow yourself to call more than once a week. And don’t call at a regular time, like always on Sunday night. You don’t want to do anything that makes it appear to your ex like you spent time thinking about calling, before you actually called.

Most of the time, when you are trying to decide: “To call my ex, or not to call my ex?” — the best decision is not to call.

You may think your reason is urgent, but aren’t you also desperate to get your ex back after a breakup? In such a state of mind, you are probably not thinking straight. You are not the best judge of what is urgent and what is not.

Does this mean I will never be able to call my ex again?

No, of course not. You want to get your ex back eventually, right? So there will have to come a day when you can call your ex as often as you want to.

But right now, what are you doing? You are searching the internet for an answer on whether or not to call! And that, right there, is your sign that it is too soon to call.

Really, that is the acid test. If you are mentally going back and forth over whether or not to call, then HELLO — don’t call.

You can get your ex back, but it will never happen just because you call, and your ex hears your voice, and is reminded of how wonderful you are, and says, “Hey, do you want to get back together?”

Instead it will be more like this: You will go through a period of no contact with your ex, and then you will initiate contact using a method that is not as immediate, or confrontational, as a phone call.

Slow and steady is the way to go. Right now: Don’t call.

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