Top 10 things to do to get her back

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Let’s say your girlfriend broke up with you, against your wishes. And let’s say you want to get her back. You are probably asking yourself — what are the top things to do to get her back? And like many other guys, you probably turn to Google to find an answer.

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You know what happens when you do your search? You get overwhelmed with thousands — even millions — of people trying to tell you want to do. Everybody’s got an answer.

So then you’re faced with the task of sifting through all this information, and looking for the best solutions that will work for you and your girlfriend, and your situation.

Wouldn’t it help if you could find a list of all the things to do to get her back, all in one place?

That’s why I’m writing this article: I’m going to try to list every memorable method I’ve come across, so you can figure out which ones you want more information on.

  1. The No Contact Rule

    This is where you cut yourself off from all contact with your girlfriend, for weeks or months. The idea is that while you’re having no contact with her, you can’t make things worse by doing anything stupid, and also you give yourself time to heal and get your head on straight. Plus, she has time to start missing you.

  2. Agree with the breakup

    This is where you gain back some of the power she took when she broke up with you, by saying you agree that breaking up is the best thing for both of you. If your timing is right, and you haven’t already said something to contradict yourself, you can even say you’d been thinking of separating from her, because your relationship had become unhealthy.

  3. Write her a letter

    This goes along with the two methods above. You mail a handwritten letter to say you’re sorry for how things worked out, or for anything you did — and that you agree with the breakup.

  4. Make up sex

    This is where you take advantage of her loneliness, and the fact that she misses you, and get her back into bed for some really passionate, affectionate lovemaking. You show her why she fell in love with you in the first place, and make her want you back.

  5. Reverse psychology

    Using reverse psychology, you act like you don’t care that she broke up with you, and you’re just fine without her. You never show her that you’re upset about getting dumped. You’re so cool, she gets confused and finds you desirable again.

  6. Prayer

    If you are a Christian, you can pray for Jesus to influence your ex girlfriend and make her want you back. Or no matter what your faith, you can ask God to help you and guide you as you work on getting her back. Spiritual guidance can help you find the right words to say.

  7. Friend in the middle

    This is where you get a friend of hers to take your side. The mutual friend can keep you posted on what’s going on with her. And maybe it is easier for you to talk to this neutral person honestly, so the friend can help your girlfriend understand what made your relationship get into trouble.

  8. Make her jealous

    Making her jealous is similar to reverse psychology. You start spending time with someone else that she will feel competitive against, which makes her want to win you back.

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  9. Bribery

    This is where you offer her something that makes it worth her while to get back together with you. You can give her a gift like a piece of jewelry, or offer to take her someplace fun. If you just want to buy some time, you can make a commitment and get engaged to her if it will bring her back. This can give you time to figure out how to make your relationship work.

  10. Stay friends

    Women want a lover who is also a good friend. If you can stay friends with her, you can concentrate on being a really good, supportive friend, until you prove to her that she can trust you and you are someone she wants to spend a lot of time with. Keep sex out of the picture, and work on your platonic relationship until you think she’d be receptive to a kiss that let’s her know you’re interested in getting intimate with her again.

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