Three things NOT TO DO if you want to get your ex back

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Getting Drunk

We all know the effect alcohol can have on someone…you lose your inhibition…and quite often lack common sense…especially if you are driven by any frustrating feelings…Drinking because you’re having a night out with your friends is one thing…but to try to drink in hope of drinking your problems away…is something you want to avoid at ALL COST…It is counter productive… and you will most likely act or say something stupid

Apologizing….too often

You have to apologize… for things you know you have been wrong…but you don’t want to take the blame for everything that went wrong in the relationship…doing so, will only make you look like your begging to get back with your ex…And apologizing at every occasion, will only prevent you from being in a position of power… which you want to be… to get your ex back!

Begging and Pleading

MAJOR TURNOFF! Okay…Begging and Pleading will only make matters worse for you .. Nobody and I mean… NOBODY wants to be with someone out of mercy.. you’ll look only miserable and weak.. Plus there are good chances that you’ll embarrass your EX by looking like if he/she’s forced to take your back.. and if you ever want to win your ex back, what you need to be, is to be strong not weak!

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