Should you add your ex on Facebook?

What is it you’re trying to accomplish by adding your ex back as a friend? If you’re really honest with yourself you may decide you don’t want to add him, after all.

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The other question is, does he even want you to add him a friend on your Facebook page?

If you send him a friend request and it’s ignored or rejected, that’s putting all the power back in his court. If he accepts, then you’ll possibly be privy to information you may not want to see — and that he can even use to hurt you again if he enjoys the power trip something like that might give him.

Are you hoping to ‘spy’ on him? Because, if you just need to be able to communicate information (let’s say you have kids together) then texting or email or phone calls work just fine.

If he isn’t calling or returning emails, sending him a friend request may come across as being needy, manipulative or intrusive — or worse. Spying just makes you look desperate and, trust me, it won’t make you feel better.

On the other hand, if you two are talking and civil — or even friendly — you just need to be realistic about what you’ll gain. If he insists you’re just friends, at least at this point (and I know this hurts), believe him.

It’s very unlikely that popping in on chat every time you see him online will make him want to talk, especially if he’s not taking the time to call or email. And chats can actually become extremely annoying. Many people would rather sign out than deal with an onslaught of chat windows, especially from someone they don’t want to speak to at that time.

If you’re really and truly willing and able to accept being ‘just friends’, and won’t get hurt or angry if you end up witnessing a discussion between your ex and a new romantic interest, then by all means, add each other as friends.

There’s the slim possibility it might eventually lead to reconciliation, but more likely just eventual fading from each other’s lives.

If he does show signs of becoming romantically interested again, take it slow and be smart before allowing your hopes and possibly unrealistic expectations to run away with you.

One last thing; your ex does deserve his privacy now, just as you do. You’re no longer an official couple, so don’t make him feel trapped — and don’t risk coming across as a stalker or you’ll really sabotage any chances of getting back together.

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