About self-published e-books!

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Over the last 5 years, self-published e-books have become the most common way for authors of how-to books to make their work available to interested readers.

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Self-help books are especially popular, along with books about finance, marketing, and business management. You will also find educational e-books on sports, music, and hobby-related topics. Even fiction and poetry authors self-publish their work!

Why do authors self-publish?

Once an author has written a book, getting it published by a major publishing company is difficult and time-consuming.

First the author needs to find an agent who is willing to represent the book to publishers. Then, the book must be submitted to one publisher at a time, over and over, until it is finally accepted. This process can take years. After too many rejections, the agent may bail out and the author will have to look for an agent all over again.

The most likely outcome is that an author’s book is never professionally published at all. Until recently, the vast majority of books never reached their intended audience of readers. They were never read by anyone except their discouraged authors.

With the advent of self-publishing technology, these unfortunate circumstances are changing.

Print-on-demand publishing: allows an author to pay for one book to be printed at a time. Authors can advertise their work on their websites, and sell their books to anyone who wants to read them, without a major publishing company serving as middle man.

E-book publishing: allows an author to deliver a book in a standard electronic format, such as a PDF file.

Why do authors self-publish in e-book format?

Some topics, particularly how-to topics, are geared toward readers who are looking for an immediate answer to a problem.

A guy with a toothache? He wants a book of toothache remedies, and he wants it right now.

The guy who writes a book on toothache remedies? He knows the guy with the toothache isn’t going to order a book online and wait for it to be shipped.

E-book publishing is the answer for both of them. Toothache Guy can buy the book of toothache remedies, download it, be reading it within a minute or two — and learn which toothache cure can be made from ingredients he has at hand.

Plus there’s a bonus advantage: unlike books printed on paper, e-books help to conserve trees!

The value in a how-to book lies in the information it contains, not in the binding and cover.

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