Use reverse psychology to get your ex girlfriend back

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Here is how reverse psychology works: Your girlfriend knows you want her back, and knows you’ll do anything you can to get back together with her. This makes her wary, and mistrustful of you.

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She doesn’t trust that your words and actions are honest; she thinks everything you say or do is a ploy to get her back. Her resistance is both a shield and a weapon she uses against you. By doing the exact opposite (i.e., by using reverse psychology,) you can completely disarm and destroy her resistance.

For example: When you see her, you should greet her pleasantly and assume a nonchalant attitude from that point on. Don’t be rude, or act like you don’t care, but instead act as if it’s not big deal if she gets back together with you or not.

Act like your life is going great. Act like today has been a really good day for you. Remain relaxed, and present yourself as a guy who’s got his shit together — as someone who’s content with the state of things in his life. Your air of satisfaction and contentment has to be conveyed to her, or the reverse psychology method won’t work. (She has to believe in your self-assurance, and think you’re not really desperate to get her back.)

You should speak with her calmly, and not seem too eager. Simply be polite, cool and reserved.

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If you can pull it off, the effect this has on her is unbelievable. Your girlfriend won’t understand this approach and will let her guard down every time, because she is not prepared for such an indifferent attitude from you. She can’t feel conflict with you, because you aren’t acting like an opponent. You’re not trying to persuade her to get back together with you; you’re just cool, calm, and able to take her or leave her.

So she’s completely off balance. This makes her even more alert and attentive to you because she is trying to find out what is really going on in your mind. She will be far more attentive than if you had used any other kind of approach to try to get her back.

She will start to think that your desire to get back together is far stronger than you’re letting on, and she’ll start selling herself on the idea. Your girlfriend will let her imagination go to work, and her imagination is the best ally you could ever have.

All this goes back to a woman’s self-esteem and ego. A woman doesn’t want to miss out on Mr. Right, or finding a guy who truly loves her. So when you act like it’s not the end of the world if she doesn’t come back to you, she’ll then become more interested, attentive and aggressive in her attitude.

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One thing to be aware of: To use reverse psychology successfully, you have to recognize when it has worked. You have to know when to stop going in reverse and start making it clear again that yes, you do in fact want to get back together with her. You have to be attuned to signs she wants you back.

Furthermore, your current situation may not be ready for the application of reverse psychology. If breaking up with your girlfriend has left you in a high emotional state, and you aren’t stable enough to present yourself as calm, collected and self-assured, then you need to prepare yourself first. You need to be “re-conditioned”.

Or maybe your breakup has left your relationship so fractured that you don’t ever get an opportunity to speak to your ex girlfriend. Maybe she’s too angry to see you; maybe she even hates you. In that situation, you need a better developed plan, just to get to the point where you can employ reverse psychology as one of your tactics.

If you need to re-condition yourself, or need to get your girlfriend back in communication with you, you can follow the plan in the Magic of Making Up system, which was developed to address these scenarios.

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