Praying to get your ex back - Pray to God for getting back together (Our YouTube Video)

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You can get your ex back by asking for God’s help, but you need the right prayers to pray. Through prayer, the supreme power of prayer, you can get back together with your ex boyfriend or girlfriend.

Ask Jesus to open your ex’s heart to receive your love, with just the right Jesus prayer.

Ask God for the strength to forgive your ex, and to help your ex to forgive you.

If your faith is Catholic, use these nine prayers to make a novena.

These miracle prayers are also designed to be used with the Magic of Making Up system for getting back together. With prayer, for the faithful, the system becomes even more successful.

Can God bring your ex back to you? Yes. Will god help you get your ex back? Yes, because with prayer all things are possible. A miracle prayer can make the difference.

For example, one prayer to get your ex back asks God to bless you with the best, most effective words to communicate with your ex. Asking God to help you find the right words to say to your ex will help you get him or her back faster.

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A whole book of prayers for getting back together – Click Here!