With God Behind You: A powerful two-week prayer plan to get your ex back

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Everything You Need to Know About Praying for God’s Help to Bring Back Your Lost Love

If faith is important to you, you can’t afford to begin following any plan to repair your relationship without having God on your side.  Don’t you WANT to ask God to help you get back together with the one you love?

Of course you do — but what if you simply don’t know the right words to say?

A book of prayers to get your ex back

Introducing With God Behind You, a powerful 2-week prayer plan that teaches you how to pray… brings you closer to God when you need Him most… and gives you the strength to follow any plan to get your ex back.

Originally, when I wrote With God Behind You, I offered it as a “bonus gift” to visitors who purchased The Magic of Making Up or some other relationship repair product from this site.

But I quickly learned there was a demand for my big book of prayers, all by itself! 

After hearing from enough folks who wanted a way to buy With God Behind You, I decided to sell it separately — and for only $29.95, much less than the price of all the other “get your ex back” books.

See What’s Included!

Take a look at the actual table of contents. Each day consists of 6 different forms of prayer, starting with “Entering the Presence of God” and ending with “Thanksgiving”.

Picture of prayer plan table of contents

Here’s an excerpt from the instructions…

“Every prayer session begins with bringing yourself into sacred space and raising your awareness of the presence of God.  You do this physically by sitting or lying or kneeling still in a quiet place and not allowing yourself to fidget.

Imagine yourself resting in His arms.  Remind yourself of God’s power….”

…and this excerpt is a sample from the “Conversation with God” form of prayer…

I trust God, and do not fear Him.  I put my life in His hands.  I know His way is best for me.

Right now I am anxious and worried about someone else’s feelings, which I can’t control.  I ask God to take control for me, and touch the heart of the one I love.

You’ll quickly get the hang of it, even if you’re new to praying.  To help beginners, the first day has extra notes beside each prayer, to help you recall the instructions from the Introduction.

How to get your copy of With God Behind You

We sell the prayer plan on WithGodBehindYou.com. Just click that link. You’ll be able to read more about the book, and if you’ll scroll down to the bottom you’ll see the button to purchase and download the book.

Be assured… there is no risk. There is a 60-day money back guarantee. It’s all handled very safely, securely and efficiently by ClickBank.com, the payment processor we use.

In any difficult situation, prayer helps. You can turn the anger and accusations in your relationship back into affection and respect, with God behind you. I urge you to take the first step… won’t you get started today?

— Kit Adams