Number one way to heal a broken heart

Picture of sad woman with broken heart lollipop.jpg

Finding a way to help yourself get over a break up is not an easy job to do. Even though your girlfriend/boyfriend might be with someone else now, and it’s almost impossible to not think about them. But you can still keep yourself busy to make time faster and easier for you.

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Things like working out, playing games, hanging out with friends (try finding someone who wasn’t affiliated with your girlfriend/boyfriend), and working, seem to work better than most other suggestions. But the number one way to heal a broken heart is to work out.

Not only does it help you keep in shape but it can also help you get your anger out. Have you ever worked out when you are pissed? It’s actually kind of fun and rewarding at the same time. Once you lift some weights to get out all the anger, then you can start mending your heart.

If working out isn’t your style, then just working to get your mind off of the girl who broke your heart is a great way to deal with the pain.

There is no fast and easy way to heal a broken heart. The best thing to do is to focus on what you are good at and to do it as much as possible. Things like cooking and cleaning can be helpful as well. Just remember that when cooking a lot, you may end up with lots of food to eat up. As for cleaning, it seems to be a good way to get the dishes washed, that you’ve left in the sink for a little too long, or do the laundry that’s been sitting in your hamper making your room smell.

Just remember not to jump back into a relationship too fast (unless you want a rebound). Make sure your heart has healed and that you know your feelings before going out with anyone else.

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