The Magic of Making Up Review and Frequently Asked Questions

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If you don't try it, you'll always wonder if
it might have worked...

Do you need help understanding the psychology of relationships? Are your own emotions getting in the way of your efforts to get your ex back? Then continue reading this Magic of Making Up review…

There are a lot of articles and books on getting back an ex these days, many with limited or inaccurate information, but The Magic of Making Up is one of the most complete and thorough publications on the subject that I’ve encountered.

Author T. W. Jackson has covered all the important bases, from understanding why your relationship ended, to maintaining the fun and love after you get back together. And don’t worry — in between, he explains quite clearly the steps for easing back into the relationship.

What’s in the “box”?

When you download The Magic of Making Up, you actually receive three separate books:

  1. The Magic of Making Up

    Walks you through the process of…

    • understanding what went wrong,
    • healing your current pain so you can think straight,
    • evaluating your current situation and making your plan, and then
    • executing your plan.
  2. The Clean Slate Method

    Reveals the formula for apologizing in a way that will wipe the slate clean, so your relationship can begin to heal.

  3. Mind Magic

    Exposes secret psychological tactics to use in a relationship.

All three of these texts will be downloaded to your computer in PDF format — the number one universal document format on the internet.

Who is it written for? Who is the intended audience?

The Magic of Making Up is suitable for women and men. It is appropriate for any level of relationship commitment, whether you were married to your ex, or just dating.

(I should note in this review that the book focuses on the relationship between adults, and does not spend much time on the complexities that arise when children are involved.)

The techniques in the book apply no matter how long your relationship lasted — weeks, or years. Although the pronouns assume a heterosexual couple has broken up, the advice applies equally well to gay men and women.

What makes T. W. Jackson such an expert?

Any review of The Magic of Making Up would not be complete without talking about the author.

Jackson (“T Dub” to his friends) calls himself “the male version of Dear Abby.” He traveled a lot growing up, and says that constantly having to make new friends is how he learned to get along with people.

As an adult he is now “really good at reading people,” so much so that his troubled friends frequently come to him for advice on their relationships.

After years of applying his real-world experience to other people’s problems, Jackson decided to document his techniques and make them available to all. He admits he’s not a doctor or professional counselor, but stands by his claim to expertise gained after years of knowing hundreds of people, and PAYING ATTENTION to them.

How much does the whole Magic of Making Up system cost?

As of July 2021, the price of the system is $39. This is the best price you will find because the author doesn’t allow anyone to offer a lower price. You will pay securely using PayPal, or any major credit card.

...and with a money-back guarantee,
you have nothing to risk...

Does it work?

I’m sure what you really want to know is, how does it work? I think the key sections have to do with communication: For example, when and how to apologize. How to keep a conversation from turning into an argument. How to un-say words that led to your breakup, and start over again. Plus, what to say to get your ex talking to you again in the first place.

Are you wondering if your questions will be answered? Most of the readers on this website arrive here because they searched for information on relationship psychology, or for prayers to get an ex back, or wanted to know their chances of getting back together.

First off, when you download The Magic of Making Up, you receive Mind Magic too, which is ALL ABOUT relationship psychology.

Second, the prayers on this site were written to be used in conjunction with The Magic of Making Up system.

And third, Jackson’s system is ALL ABOUT maximizing your chances of getting back together! Based on that, I’d say the odds are good your questions will be answered.

Is any of this information available for free online?

No, however on his website T. W. Jackson has some videos you can watch, where he talks about his methods. Watching the videos allows you to get to know him better, and recognize his sincerity.

For example, in the video at the top of his home page he discusses how to make your opening move toward getting your ex back.

...and your ex NEVER needs to know
the secret methods you used to WIN A SECOND CHANCE.

Magic of Making Up review: The bottom line

If you don’t try it, you’ll always wonder if it might have worked.

And with a 60-day money back guarantee, you have nothing to risk.

And your ex?

Your ex never needs to know the secret methods you used to win a second chance.

The Magic of Making Up system is an easy read, flows logically, offers well thought out suggestions, and is full of quality ideas.

Go check out Jackson’s site. Watch his video… read his story… and then towards the bottom of the page be sure to click his button for downloading the book, so you can get started immediately on dealing with your emotions and getting back your ex.