Ex Back Book - M3 System Review

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This is the biggest whale in relationship rekindling out there, and it comes in every format that you can imagine – there’s audio, there’s video, there’s a PDF. And it’s helpful just by the sheer volume of content that Michael Griswold has thrown in. Whatever awkward situation you’ve worked your way into, M3 has an answer.

Did your ex totally ignore that “Second Chance Letter” all the other books tell you to send? You’re covered. Did you have some scandal when he got access to your Facebook? You’re covered. Long distance relationship making that whole “meet together” thing super awkward? You’re covered. Did deception take over the relationship?

You don’t even have to ask. It’s like Michael Griswold read every book in the field, looked for holes, and plugged them with wisdom and quick wit. And once he was finished, he looked for the holes in his own product and gave them away as bonuses. Other books tell you to “work on relaxing”. The M3 system gives you a set of MP3s designed to build your confidence, relax you, and release your own guilt. Other books tell you not to drunk dial. M3 tells you how to save yourself if you’ve done the unthinkable.

The titular 3 M’s stand for Mindset, Method, and Moving Forward – it’s basically the same set of stages that most books in this genre have, but he attacks each of them with an amazing breadth of knowledge. It’s actually a very nice complementary piece with Magic of Making Up - depending on your circumstances. T-Dub spends plenty of time talking about Big Serious Problems in your relationship and how to overcome them together by talking, whereas Griswold talks a lot about self-improvement and preparing yourself mentally for those relationship problems.

Visit the ‘M3 System’ Website Now!