Is it okay to sleep with your ex if you want him back?

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It’s so tempting, not just because you know men can’t seem to resist sex, but because frankly you need it too. The thing is, will that momentary reassurance lead to a long-term reconciliation?

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Every person and every relationship is different, so hard and fast rules are probably inappropriate here. Mainstream advice says to not sleep with your ex to try and win him back — but if done with certain criteria in mind (like being aware of his behavior afterwards) it could help.

What that means is, if you’re making strides toward reconciliation and sex seems to just be part of the flow, you need to be aware as you move into it that it’s potentially dangerous ground.

How will you feel if he doesn’t call you again until next time he wants sex? Some men, unfortunately, will use as ex for ‘booty calls’ and that’s it, until they’re happily committed to a new relationship.

On the other hand, there have been times when sex as part of a ‘make-up’ has helped cement the bond and reignite the devotion, reminding him of what a great partner he had and now wants back.

The difference? If after the first time you sleep with him again he invites you to dinner, to hang out with his friends again and calls to check on you a couple times a day, then go for it next time.

If, however, he vanishes or just calls sporadically, then comes back for a roll in the hay only to disappear again, it’s time to close the door.

How the heck can you survive without the physical and emotional intimacy? Frankly it’s not easy. There’s no easy way to banish the pain. Even time doesn’t really heal all wounds — but moving on well with your life can, indeed.

Then, if he sees you’re happy and fulfilled without him, that may be all it takes to make him desperate to win you back… for real — at last.

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