I want my ex back but she has a boyfriend - Use the watchful waiting policy

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As someone whose ex girlfriend has already moved on to someone else, you should adopt a policy of “watchful waiting.”

Usually, this phrase comes up when people are talking about the early stages of a serious illness, such as cancer — or matters of foreign policy, such when dealing with a foreign country with the potential to become an enemy.

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But I think it also works as a good technique for anyone who needs to wait out an ex who is seeing someone else. Watchful waiting is a good state of mind to get yourself into.

The foreign policy scenario makes a better analogy than the illness one, because you can view your ex girlfriend as your opponent. I don’t mean opponent like in “enemy” — I only mean that your ex girlfriend is the person opposite you, that you want to get back.

There are a couple of reasons why watchful waiting is appropriate for someone who says, “I want my ex back but she has a boyfriend.”

1. The risk of making a critical mistake is high.

If you try saying or doing things to win her back, then you risk making matters worse. What if you approach her while you’re intoxicated, or start nosing into her life?

Are you in danger of texting or calling her too frequently? You could drive her away for good.

Are you likely to say negative things about her new guy? You’ll only make your desperation obvious, and make her think less of you.

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2. The situation might resolve itself.

Dating is a volatile business. Couples break up all the time, and the fact is that most relationships come to an end.

Since time is on your side — and since it will be easier to get her back when she’s single again — your best bet is to hang back and wait to see what happens next.

Waiting is hard, I know. You have to figure out what to do with yourself until the time is right to make your move, and then you need to know exactly when — and how — to do it.

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