I Miss My Ex A Whole Lot

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Are you thinking ‘I miss my ex’ after a painful relationship break up? If this sounds like you, then you’re not alone. Missing your ex is a normal part of the grieving process after any break up, but some women’s longing to see their ex one more time goes much deeper than simply missing the companionship.

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In these cases, women can feel as though they have missed out on their chance at true love. If this sounds like you and you find yourself saying ‘I miss my ex’ then there may be some things you can do to win back your relationship.

Even if you think you’ve tried everything you can to get your ex back, perhaps you need to reconsider your tactics, as some of the things you might be doing could potentially be pushing him even further away. Some things women try in order to get their ex to realize how much they miss him can often make him run the other way instead of coming back to you.

These things can include calling him and telling him you miss him and you love him in an upset, miserable tone of voice. To a man, this sounds like desperation from a very unhappy person. Men like to spend time with people who make them feel good. This means they’ll look for women who are happy and confident because they make him feel as though he’s capable of making them happy.

If you’ve ever called your ex and cried about how upset you are now he’s gone, then you might have pushed him even further away. Don’t worry, though. It is possible to fix this kind of mistake by simply not contacting him for a few days to give him plenty of time to miss you. After all, if you’re texting or emailing or calling him all the time, when has he had a chance to miss you yet?

While you’re spending some time away from him, you need to spend some time working on building up your own self-confidence. Give yourself a mini makeover. When women look good, they feel good too. Spend some time doing things that make you feel good. Go out with some girlfriends and do some fun things together.

Building your own self-confidence will help to stop you thinking about the negative, upsetting aspects of telling yourself over and over ‘I miss my ex’. Instead of this, begin thinking about positive things you can do to become the happy, confident woman that your ex fell in love with in the first place.

After all, when you can put yourself back into a positive frame of mind, you’ll be ready to give him a call and suggest you both catch up for a friendly coffee and a chat. This will give you a chance to let him spend some time with the happy, confident version of you that he once loved and was attracted to. If you feel your emotions coming to the surface and you feel like you want to beg or plead with him or if you feel like you’re going to cry, remember that the unhappy you is the one he pulled away from and broke up with.

So if you’re thinking ‘I miss my ex’, take heart. There is still hope you can work on ways to get your ex back.

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