I haven't talked to my ex in a month, but I still miss him

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The initial stages of a breakup and getting used to being single again are the toughest parts of the whole process of breaking up.

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Once you get used to the idea of being single again for a while it’s not so bad; you can start to heal and move on with your life again. But those first 4 – 8 weeks are usually the time you’re going to miss your ex-boyfriend the most – your emotions and your heart will still be pretty raw and you need to be careful what you do and say right about this stage.

You wouldn’t be a normal, healthy woman if you didn’t find some part of yourself missing your ex – I’d be far more worried if you had no feelings for him at all at this early stage in the breakup. It’s human nature to miss that guy who has been such a big part of your life - seeing girls who don’t miss their ex boyfriends at all….worries me.

For right now you’re caught in that first difficult month and the reality has settled in that you’re really missing your ex boyfriend eh? It’s not easy to judge whether having contact with your ex or not in those early days is a good idea.

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You might both be following the “no contact” rule but that still doesn’t take away from the longing that you have – even just to speak to him for a few minutes so you could see what’s in his eyes. After all you were together for long enough to stay friends afterwards surely? Maybe even get back together if all the emotional junk could be cleared away?

So first things first you need to be committed to gettting your ex boyfriend back. You can’t go into this half-hearted – your whole heart needs to be engaged in this process. And the good news is that most relationships can be saved – no matter what the reasons for the breakup were in the first place.

If you look around you you’ll notice friends and family who’ve had relationship problems in the past; affairs, marriages and breakups I’m sure. How many of them are back together again now? You’ll notice that many (if not all) of these couples have reconciled right?

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What most girls are missing when it comes to this type of situation is reliable and sensible advice. Your friends will have your very best interests at heart but their advice on relationships is usually pretty poor and is almost always biased. What you need are some simple steps to follow so that you can get your ex boyfriend back without turning into or looking like a complete whacko while you’re doing that.

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