Do cheating husbands love their wives?

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It may surprise you to find out that a lot of cheating husbands are still in love with their wives. It may seem that having an affair means that your husband no longer loves you, but this is not always the case. In many marriages, an affair may take place that has nothing to do with how much the cheating husband actually still loves his wife.

Do you wonder if your husband is still in love with you? This is a common question that is asked after an affair has taken place, and one that certainly deserves an answer. The answer will have to come from the spouse that did the cheating. The problem with asking your husband the question, however, is that due to the breakdown in trust you may not really believe the answer.

Finding the love

A marriage is put together based on true love by two people. At the beginning of the marriage there is a lot of romance and fun and the love seems to be overflowing. Over time couples experience changes in their lives and some suffering. This can bury the love so deep that it may not be recognizable anymore. That does not mean, however, that it does not still exist deep down.

No matter what you may have suffered through in your marriage — including an affair — the love is still there. It can be salvaged no matter how deeply it has been hidden. All it takes is the want and desire from both ends to find it again.

Are there cases where love simply disappears and can no longer be found? Yes, but this is rare. In most cases it is there to be found and can be restored again.

Restoring the love

Now that you know that the love still exists between you and your partner, you’ll have to find out if your husband is willing to find it. Find out if the willingness is there in your husband to go digging for the love.

If your husband says that he no longer loves you, ask him if he would be willing to take a special magical potion that would instantly restore the love he used to feel for you when you were first married. If he says yes, you know that you have something to work with and there is hope for the relationship. If the answer is no, the prognosis for restoring the love does not look good.

As you are working towards establishing a love relationship between the two of you, keep in mind that there are many reasons for a spouse to have an affair. In some cases the excuses will have nothing to do with what was happening in the marriage. This does not make it right, but it may be an indication that there is still some love left between the two of you.

A husband can still love his partner and have an affair. Love is the foundation for any marriage and restoring lost love is the basis for revitalizing the partnership. If both spouses are willing to give it a go, this can be start of a new beginning.

At that point, it is best to get the services of a qualified marriage counselor — or perhaps a professionally written self-help program — to help you find this lost love. Once the willingness is there, it can be found. You simply need to trust the process and work towards a stronger and healthier marriage.