How to get your ex to like you again

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Sometimes the challenges of life can make two people who once loved each other fiercely begin to actually dislike each other. You’re desperate to get your ex back but he or she doesn’t seem to even like you anymore! Here’s how to bring the ‘in-like’ back to your in-love.

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Let’s be honest; maybe you’ve not been at your best at every moment (none of us are). I’ve been there myself! Maybe there was a big blow-up — or several. Try to relax. Whatever it was that caused your ex to pull away can probably be repaired, so take a moment and BREATHE again.

So what can you do to make your ex ‘like’ you again?

Think about your relationship when it began, and how you two were together. What did you like about each other? (I’m not talking about love — liking your partner is more crucial to long term happiness.)

What went wrong? Do you need to sincerely apologize for something?

If you can now mend that rift — as well as be the very best you can be — chances are you can remember how to be that person he or she liked — and loved — so much when you were together.

You probably didn’t nag, whine, demand, re-open old wounds, criticize or express disappointment with his or her achievements. So don’t do it now. Move forward with understanding and consideration and be the person your ex liked and loved.

Don’t overdo it though. Don’t be overly attentive. Don’t be a push over. That will just make your ex wonder what’s going on and maybe even lose respect for you. (Caveat: guys can be more attentive in general than gals and get away with it.)

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There is something called allowing.

This means rather than track him or her down, whine and plead and put the pressure on, you give enough easy, fun space to allow your ex to begin remembering those things he or she found so appealing when you were happily together. Then your ex will have the space to decide to come back.

It also helps if you work on yourself a little so you’re an even better ‘catch’ once your ex is opening up to you again. Be that vivacious, strong, sexy, optimistic ‘you’ that your ex loved so much. Remember you can’t force someone to love you again but you can lure them back by being the ‘you’ they fell in love with to begin with.

It’s tough; I know. I’ve been there. If you play your cards right though, it won’t be long before your ex is calling you up and desperate to give it another try.

Best of all, you’ll be able to like yourself, again, too!

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