How to get your baby's father back

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Breaking up with a guy and facing the pain is hard enough when it is just between you and him, but when you have a child together, it can be extremely painful. But if you decide that you want your baby’s father back, then having the bond through your child can actually benefit you. Following are some tips to help you get him back without a lot of drama.

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Treat Him as a Great Father

One of the best ways on how to get your baby’s daddy back is to make him feel like the father of the year, and stroke his ego. It’s human nature to become attracted to someone who makes you feel good about yourself, especially for men.

Chances are you were not making him feel like a rock star when you broke up with him. But if you are able to make him feel like he is a great father to your baby, right now, then it will have the same effects as it would have if you were in a relationship together.

One tip, when trying to get your baby’s father back, is not to overdo the praise. If you do, he will most likely feel as though you are being condescending about his dad abilities, or he will feel as though you are trying to get him back, and using the child to do it, which will make you look bad in his eyes.

Just be honest with him. When you see him do something great, tell him. When you appreciate something he did, tell him.

Smile at Daddy when he’s talking to your baby and let him see how much you think of his fathering skills. All of this will make him feel good, and you will be the cause of that good feeling, which can cause him to feel good about you as well.

Keep Your Emotions in Check Around Him

We, as women, know that our emotions can get out of control. We figure things out by communicating and venting. Our girlfriends know this, and they actively participate in our venting. But if you do this with your baby’s father after you have broken up with him, then you may end up pushing him further away from you.

Men do not like to be confronted by strong and passionate emotions. It scares them and it makes them uncomfortable, and they react very poorly to it. They usually shut down and stop talking or they just try to get away from the situation. Both of those reactions are not what you want when you are trying to get your baby’s father back!

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Save your emotions for your friends; when you are around your baby’s father play it cool. Appear happy, put together, and rational.

Just as it’s human nature for him to be attracted to someone who makes him feel good, it’s also human nature for him to be attracted to someone who feels good themselves. If you feel and act in a positive manner, then you will be much more attractive to him and have a better chance of getting him back.

Avoid Playing Games That You Think Will Win Your Baby’s Father Back

If you play games with your baby’s father, then you are setting yourself up for disappointment. Either he is going to see through your games or he is going to figure it out eventually, and that can cause him to avoid you permanently. Just be yourself. Don’t pretend, act, or do things that you think will upset him.

Playing games involves using your child. Phoning him and telling him that the baby really misses him or that he needs to pay more attention the baby, just so you can see him, are going to end up causing him to resent you.

Playing games also involves pretending to be someone you are not. For instance, if you pretend as though you are dating a ton of guys and enjoying it, you may think that this will cause him to become jealous, but it actually may just turn him off from you completely.

Another game, that is used quite often, is acting as if you could care less about him. This will not win your baby’s father back; instead, it will make him feel like you are a cold-hearted woman whom he is lucky to be free from.

In the end, the above three tips on how to get your baby’s father back are going to drastically increase your chances of doing just that. Make sure to stoke his ego by telling him how great of a father he is. Try to keep your emotions in check when he is around, and save the venting for your girlfriends. And avoid playing games with him at all costs or else you may end up pushing him further away.

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