How to get my ex back

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Immediately following a breakup with a man is one of the hardest times of your life. You can’t sleep; you can’t eat; you can’t think straight. Life feels like it has no purpose or meaning.

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You can try to get him back, but you have to ask yourself: do you even want to get him back? It’s easy to get back together with a guy who broke up with you, but the very fact that he broke up with you means that he already made a decision not to try to make the relationship work. He decided the best course of action was to end it.

Working through relationship problems is much easier while you’re still in a relationship, compared to after it’s over. Still, if your ex broke up with you, it’s possible to get him back. The thing you have to be sure of is that getting him back is really what you want.

Reasons for getting back together should be healthy ones. Don’t try to get him back just for the sake of having him back. There need to be very good reasons for you to want him back.

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The other thing you need to be aware of is that sometimes, an attempt to get a guy back is successful, and sometimes it’s not. There are some couples who, after their relationship is broken up, they’re able to get back together and go forward. Others, their relationship is never good again. They get back together, but fight and argue just like they always did before. The thing is, you have to do your best to get him back, and even if you’re not successful, you’ll always know you did the best you could.

The main thing you need to do to get a guy back is to keep control of your emotions. This is an absolute must, because you’ll never be successful if you can’t keep your emotions tamed. If you constantly email him, call or text him, you’ll do more damage. He needs to be thinking positive things about you, if he’s going to get back together with you. You want him to think things weren’t so bad, when you were together. If you contact him when you’re in a high emotional state, you’re just going to make him think that he was right to break up with you.

You’ve probably read the same advice everywhere, but it shows up all the time because it’s true. The first step to getting him back is to stop thinking about him, and start thinking about yourself. Make the best of your own life.

Make yourself someone he’ll want to be with again. Act like a grown-up. Eat right. Exercise. Spend extra time on your body and your appearance, Go to work or school just like you always do. Complete your daily routines. Spend time with your friends. Keep yourself busy.

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Don’t intrude in his life. This will give you the best chance of getting him back. Don’t attempt to contact him by text, phone or email. Don’t try to connect at all. You’ll probably be pleasantly surprised to find that in time, he does call you or email you himself.

Remember, if he does contact you, don’t get emotional. Keep it short and sweet. Mention that you’ve been busy. Don’t talk about feelings, or emotions, or anything that happened in your past. Act like you don’t care. This is your opportunity to confuse him.

If you’re lucky enough to see him in person, don’t touch him, or let him have any physical contact with you. Don’t kiss him. When you leave him, hug him if you feel like that’s the right thing to do. This is what will confuse him. Take it slow. It shouldn’t be too hard to get him back, if you just take your time.

That’s the secret to how you can get your guy back — by living your own life. Make every effort to look good, and in doing so you’ll feel good. Let him contact you in his own good time. He needs space. When he’s ready to see you again, play hard to get. Make him work to get YOU back!

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