Tips on how to get my ex back if he wants more space

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Just about everyone has went through a serious relationship in their life, and just when everything seems so right it is broken off because your boyfriend wants more space. This could mean a lot of things. There are many different reasons why your boyfriend may suddenly ask for more space.

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Some problems could be insecurities which has nothing to do with you at all, or could just be something as simple as a fear of commitment. These are some tips that will help you answer “how to get my ex back if he wants more space?“.

  1. You should never and I repeat, never lose your confidence. Never show him that this simple request has a huge impact on you. However, none the less you are in love with him. Your first instinct may be to try to talk to your boyfriend to find out what is the root of the problem is. The best thing you can do at this point is to play a little hard to get and if he wants more space give it to him. This is very powerful if done right.

  2. If you suspect your ex boyfriend continues to have feelings for you, then it may be a good idea for you to initiate some communication. This may happen after giving him some space and time in order to keep the level of drama to a minimum. Maybe something like a short text messages, short but friendly phone call or maybe just an online chat can be some great ways to make sure you are still around but doing well on your own. At this point he still wants to be a part of your life.

  3. In time he will begin to show more and more interest and if all goes as planned, this will give you the opportunity to really begin to build something stronger and more secure with him. Always remember that you and your boyfriend should stay focused on all of the good memories that were once part of your relationship. Bringing up old fights with your ex boyfriend is something you will, without doubt, want to stay away from. Or you might just be left wondering again – how to get my ex back if he wants more space?

  4. It is possible that your boyfriend will not responding slow and subtle advances, you may need to realize that space and nothing else is all he really needs. The possibility that he really is not interested in a relationship right now or the space he has asked for is what you should just give him. However, if the two of you have some history he will become more interested in you than before. Your ex will slowly warm back up to you again. This is when you want to slowly increase you steps back into the relationship.

When your ex boyfriend starts to give you the right signals, then it is time to open your heart up to him. It is important to also let him know where you stand and how you feel, just avoid looking desperate and needy. As your ex is starting to show you that he is thinking about working things out, then it would be a good idea to be as open with him as possible. If your ex boyfriend’s signals are pointing in the other direction, it may be wiser to step back and let things happen more naturally.

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