How to get back with your ex using make up sex

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You can get back with your ex using make up sex, if you’re lucky enough to get the opportunity. When might you get the opportunity? Well, first off, if you’re still living together even after you’ve broken up — say you and your ex wife are still sharing the same home, or your ex girlfriend and you still live together — then all the times you see each other at home are opportunities to initiate make up sex.

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If you don’t live with your ex, any time you see each other is an opportunity for make up sex. You’re going to have to return each other’s possessions at some point, right? So maybe find a reason to gather up all those CDs and books and clothes your ex has left at your place, and take them over to where she’s staying. That’ll give you an opportunity to be together.

Remember, you need permission to be there. Don’t stalk her; don’t break into her apartment. But if you’ve arranged to bring her stuff back to her, that will give you an opportunity to talk.

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Why would you want to have make up sex in the first place? Well, for one thing, if you’ve just broken up with your ex, there’s probably still a lot of tension between you. You’re not at ease with each other. And maybe you’re in a situation where you’ve both been a while without sex. You’ve got a lot of pent-up desire, and intense feelings for each other. When you see each other, emotions are going to be high, and if you can turn that into make up sex, it’s going to be some of the hottest sex you’ve ever had.

You can initiate make up sex under the guise of providing “closure”. You want to do it “one last time”, and you can make the argument that since it’s the last time, and you’re both going into it knowing it’s the last time, there’s “no consequences” for either of you.

So, how do you initiate make up sex when you’re with your ex? Wait until a point in your conversation where you guys are kind of arguing, or having a disagreement, or maybe she’s yelling at you — something like that — and just look at her for a second and say, “God, I’m so turned on right now.” If she responds to that, you can just take it from there.

If you are able to have make up sex, you want to make it different from the usual, predictable way you always had sex when you were together. You want this to be something special, since you’re trying to get back with her. Give her the best oral she’s ever had. Compliment her; talk about how good she looks, and how anything she’s doing to you “feels so good”. You want to focus on her.

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Another thing you can do to make it not predictable is to not have sex in your usual location. Don’t fall back into the same bed you’ve always fallen into. Do it someplace where you haven’t often done it before. Maybe go back to the spot in the home where you had the best sex ever. The whole time, you want to focus on her. You want to worship her body, and make her feel desirable, so that she’ll regret not being with you any more.

And afterwards, you want to offer something of yourself, using words. Say something that’s hard for you to say; confess something related to your breakup. For example, say a few words about why you have such a hard time committing, or tell her that losing her is reminding you of some horrible loss you suffered when you were a child. Your goal is to make her feel deeply connected to you, and sympathetic to you.

You need to prepare for this ahead of time: take some time right now to come up with options for what you might say, so that you can choose the appropriate words when the time comes.

Even if you’re not usually inclined to do so, you want to cuddle afterwards. Remember, you’re trying to get her back. Don’t just roll over and fall asleep, or get out of bed and throw your clothes back on. Try to make it last. Try to make her feel safe and secure, having just been with you. Point out how good it just was between you, by laughing a little bit, and smiling your sweetest smile, and saying, “This is so much better than fighting.”

If you’re lucky, you can turn make up sex into an opportunity to see her again. Make sure she knows how to contact you. Tell her to call you if she needs anything. Tell her you’ll always be there for her, and you want to be friends. And you should initiate saying goodbye, so that your last memory is not of her telling you to go away again.

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