How to get back an ex with the power of prayer

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Although your relationship with your ex may be broken, your relationship with God never is. His understanding of you is unlimited.

What is prayer?

Prayer is that place where you and God meet privately, and share His love for you, and your worship of Him.

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Everyone is allowed to pray. Good or evil, rich or poor, wise or foolish — God wants to hear what you have to say.

No matter how bad you are feeling — no matter how deeply you are wallowing in feelings of loss, or failure, or worthlessness — you don’t need to feel ashamed when you approach the Lord. You can say to God, “I know you understand.”

Even if you have neglected your relationship with God, from His perspective you have not been “gone” or “lost”. God has not lost track of you, but has always watched over you. He welcomes the intimacy of prayer from you, and wants to guide you in times of pain, as much as in times of joy.

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Thy will be done!

Prayer is not just about asking God for miracles, or asking Him to do what you want. In fact, it shouldn’t always be about “asking” at all.

Needing to know how to get back an ex might be what brings you to your knees, but your goal should be to establish or strengthen your connection with God, and discover what God wants for you.

You want to know how to get back an ex, and you want God’s help to learn that, but God is not operating a drive-thru restaurant. You can’t just place your order. You must open your heart to God’s path for you, and allow Him to lead you to your destination in His way, and in His time.

What should I pray for?

  1. Grace

    Pray for God’s divine influence in every aspect of your life. Ask Him to be with you as you pass through this current crisis.

  2. Patience

    Pray for patience, because getting back an ex girlfriend or boyfriend will take a while. You have much work ahead of you, to heal and plan and learn and grow.

  3. Self-knowledge

    Pray for understanding of your own responsibilities within a relationship. Ask God to guide you as you review your broken relationship and search for signs of what went wrong.

    Rely on God’s support while considering whether your ex is truly meant to be your partner for life, and whether you must make changes within yourself in order to fulfill your half of the partnership and meet your ex’s needs.

  4. Forgiveness

    Ask God for the strength to forgive your ex for leaving you. And if you have wronged your ex, pray for your ex’s forgiveness of you as well.

    If you are blaming yourself for the breakup, receive and accept God’s forgiveness, and pray that God will help you forgive yourself, as easily as He forgives you.

  5. Security

    Your desperation, in wanting to know how to get back an ex, is caused by your insecurity. You feel that alone, you cannot be a whole person. Ask God to help you combat your neediness. Pray for His love to fill you and make you complete, so that you can bring an emotionally healthy, whole person to your relationship with your ex.

    Pray, “Father, I know that You love me,” as often as it takes to make you believe it in your heart and mind. With His love will come security.

  6. Empathy

    Pray for help seeing your relationship from your ex’s perspective. Seek God’s guidance in understanding your ex’s needs for unconditional love, encouragement, companionship, and intimacy.

    Let God be with you as you take an honest look at how well you and your ex met these needs for each other.

  7. Words

    Ask God to help you find the best, most effective words to communicate with your ex, when the time is right.

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What about prayer websites?

God hears you just fine. You don’t need to post your prayers on a forum, or ask other people to pray on your behalf.

Louder praying is not more effective, and neither are added voices. Remember, you cannot trick God into doing what you want. You don’t need to convince Him how much you’re hurting. He WILL help you, simply because you ask it.

Want God’s answer to how to get back an ex? Fall on your spiritual knees, and have a talk with Him.

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