How to get a guy back with minimum pain

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It’s no wonder you have turned to the internet to discover the secret to how to get a guy back — just like it’s no wonder you can hardly think straight, and you’ve fallen into unhealthy eating patterns, and you can’t concentrate on your job, or sleep at night.

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When the same guy who once promised he would love you forever, now tells you to go away, it just doesn’t seem fair. He must be making some mistake. What do you need to do to get him back?

Here are three nuggets of advice on how to get a guy back:

1. When he’s not looking, cry all you want.

It makes sense that you’re going to be depressed for a while. You are grieving a loss, and you have to allow yourself enough time to go through all the phases. By letting yourself cry, you shorten the grief cycle and minimize your pain.

So cry all you want, as long as you don’t do it in front of your ex. Around him, you need to put up a brave front, and act like nothing is bothering you.

2. Analyze your relationship to figure out what went wrong.

You need to think carefully about the reason why your guy chose to break up with you. Even if, on the face of it, it seems clear that whatever caused the breakup was all his fault — you need to break it down until you identify something that was within your control, that you could have done differently.

For example, suppose he left you for someone else. Clearly if he was having an affair, that was his fault — but you have to figure out why he was having an affair.

I mean, if he had an affair, and you still want him back, then you have to change yourself so he doesn’t want to have another affair.

You need to identify what it is he needs, that he wasn’t getting from you — and then you have to ask yourself if you’re willing to change in order to give him that, after you get back together.

3. Give him space until you’re ready to make your move.

When two people break up, they don’t get back together without first going through what I call a “quiet period”. Since this quiet period plays an essential role in how to get a guy back, you might as well let it happen now.

Give your guy some space, and he will appreciate it. If you make too many attempts to see him or communicate with him, you will only reinforce, in his mind, the reasons why he left you.

While you are allowing him his space, use this time to settle your emotions, and work out the steps you are going to follow to get him back.

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