How to flirt with your ex-girlfriend

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What is flirting, where your ex girlfriend is concerned? Flirting is a way to let her know you find her attractive, charming and sexy — while still keeping things light-hearted and fun.

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The thing about flirting is it has to be playful. It has to be free of baggage or demands… yet has to subtly let her know that you’re opening the door for her to come back.

It’s all too easy to let these negative factors weigh down your mood and self-confidence:

  1. At this point though you’re probably gun-shy. You lost her once, and especially if you two had been a couple for a long time, you’re out of practice when it comes to dating. You’re older, you’ve been hurt (and so has your ego) and there’s already a history of rejection there.

  2. Worse, when you do get to see her, not only do you remember the love and joy, you remember the pain of loss, the confusion and uncertainty of your future, so you might tend to keep bringing up questions about the past in an effort to resolve things for yourself.

Just as that negative ‘energy’ is probably making YOU take a step back, she won’t want to rehash and re-live those ‘downer’ emotions, either.


  1. Set your mind on having a nice time with no deep discussions on the table. Remind yourself there’s always time to have serious discussion later (even if ‘later’ never actually comes.)

  2. Be light-hearted, tease (if you both enjoyed that in the past), play, and goof around.

  3. Be easy, sweet and relaxed (I know, easier said than done).

In short, have fun!

When she is able to trust that you will be a fun and light-hearted date, without the pressure and demands of a lost/hurt/lonely puppy seeking reassurance, she can relax and allow herself to test the waters of being your girl again — and that’s just what you want, isn’t it?

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