Examples of how The Magic of Making Up helps you get your ex back

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If you’re serious when you ask how to get your ex back, the best thing you can do is get yourself a copy of The Magic of Making Up. It’s a book by a friend named TW Jackson and in it he explains different reasons why one person falls in (or out of) love with another person. Even better, he shows you techniques you can use to make the love come back.

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It’s never too late to try to recapture the love and passion that you and your ex partner once felt for each other. Read The Magic of Making Up and you will learn better ways to communicate your feelings, and to help your ex communicate with you.

Let me give you a specific example of something Jackson talks about in the book, regarding communication in a relationship. He says when you’re trying to talk to a partner about a problem you should always start your sentences with the word “I”, not the word “You”.

Like, “I feel hurt when you come home late,” is better than saying “You’re always coming home late!”

When you say it the first way you’re merely saying how you feel — which you have every right to do. Your statement can begin a conversation about whether your partner is able to not come home too late all the time — or if that can’t be changed, how you can adapt your lives to it.

The second version, on the other hand, comes across as an attack. And if you say something like that right as the person walks in the door it’s not hard to see why you end up arguing with each other.

Click to read our in-depth review of The Magic of Making Up!

Another example the book gives is about how in the heat of the moment it’s easy to say things that aren’t true, or that exaggerate what you’re really feeling. Like, if your partner’s pissing you off and you say, “I hate you!” Maybe you hate their behavior — but you don’t hate them, really.

Whenever things aren’t going well in a relationship it’s too easy for you both to start blaming each other. You each think the other person is responsible for the fact that your relationship sucks.

That isn’t fair any more than it’s true. More than likely both of you are contributing to the problem.

The only way to have a happy ending is for one of you to take the first step and acknowledge the problem… and then get help to try and fix it. This is where a book like The Magic of Making Up — which tells all about improving communication for couples — can help.

  • If your relationship is already over and you’re the one trying to get back together, you absolutely need to think through the final months (or even year) of your time together and figure out what went wrong.
  • Then at some point you’re going to have to see your ex again and admit that you want to give it a second try. You’ll have to be honest about your feelings, without coming on too strong.
  • Before you have that conversation you’ll need to fix your emotions and your attitude and figure out what you’re going to do differently in a rekindled relationship.
  • You might even need to come up with a strategy to get your ex to talk to you at all — if your ex is reluctant or flat-out unwilling.

The Magic of Making Up, with its techniques for all these things, will be a great help for getting through this part.

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