How Can I Get My Ex Back? An Action Plan to Rekindle Your Love and Get Your Ex Back!

How can I get my ex back? It’s a common question we get and we wanted to go over some techniques that you can get your ex back. It can be quite a challenge to salvage a failed relationship. You’re on pins and needles; one wrong move and the guy or gal of your dreams could be out of your life for good!

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The steps which may seem and even feel right are in many cases exactly the wrong move. Instead, you should go against your gut instincts here and take a counterintuitive path. Exactly when you feel the most like calling is when you should shut off your phone and keep your cool. Instead of pouring your heart out, keep it under control.

Just as a word of warning, these techniques may seem all wrong at first. However, they have been tried and tested and have been proven to work. Finally, an answer to ‘how to get my ex back!’

Counterintuitive Technique #1

The first method begins with accepting that you’ve been broken up with by your ex. This can be a bitter pill to swallow and you’ll probably have to struggle with yourself to accept the situation.

You need to accept things as they are; this will let you give your ex the space he or she needs to miss you and come to respect you once again. At the time of the breakup, they’re more than likely upset with you and if you pester them about getting back together, this can sink your chances of ever getting them back.

Counterintuitive Technique #2

The second technique is to avoid any contact with your ex. OK; you probably think this is crazy and you’re about to hit the back button on your browser, but bear with me. This technique can really work – not only does this help you to come to terms with the breakup, it shows your ex that you take him or her seriously.

You’re also giving your ex time to start missing you and time to think about the breakup. Having this space is good for both of you and will give you a clearer perspective. This space also prepares you for the third step.

Counterintuitive Technique #3

Next, plan an event where you can try to reconnect with your ex. However, this is complex and there are many steps which must be taken care of in between.

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