Getting Your Ex Back in Time For Christmas

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The holidays are the worst time of the year to be alone. As Thanksgiving approaches, your loneliness begins to grow. You see the diamond jewelry commercials, with beautiful couples celebrating their romance. You see the luxury car commercials, where couples — wealthy in both money and love — surprise each other with cars tied up in bows.

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Ridiculous, and yet you want it for yourself. And you miss your ex tremendously, as you watch these 30-second love stories that television bombards you with.

There are tricks for getting your ex back that work best at Christmas time. Now, at this time when you want your ex back more than ever, you have to use the holiday to your advantage. I have found there are three secrets to getting your ex back in time for Christmas.

The first secret? You need a Christmas party to go to! Finding one is easy if the company you work for throws one every year. But if you can’t count on that, you’ll have to get yourself invited to one somewhere else. This might take time, so start early.

Once you have a Christmas party lined up, you can concentrate on inviting your ex to be your date. This is where the second secret comes into play. What is the second secret? When you extend that party invitation to your ex, make it clear that you’re looking for something temporary.

Explain that you’re not trying to get back together, exactly — not trying to resume your old relationship. Just, it’s no fun being alone during the holidays.

You can even beg, if you have to. This particular secret to getting your ex back in time for Christmas works because it lessens the pressure on your ex. You’re only asking for something temporary. You’re not begging for anything long-term, just for a few hours of company.

You can take for granted that solitude at Christmas is no fun for either of you, so point this out — how much easier it will be for both of you to get through this season of celebration if you have someone to share the most important occasions with.

If your ex is even a little bit receptive to the idea of going to the party with you, then it’s time for the third secret: Give your ex a Christmas present.

This gift should be something your ex can wear to the party, or use beforehand. For a woman, you can give a simple piece of jewelry. For a man, a tie (if it’s that kind of party) or cologne.

Don’t present this gift right before you go to the party; present it early, as a kind of thank you for being willing to be your date. This way your ex can plan ahead to wear your gift the night of the party. (And, it gives you an extra opportunity to see your ex in person.)

These steps can work for getting your ex back in time for Christmas, but they won’t necessarily work for getting back together permanently. Sure, you can be at your sexiest and most seductive while you’re at the party — and it’s good for your ex to get another chance to see you at your best.

But what do you do after it’s over? What is the secret to getting your ex back long-term?

Well, for that, you need a more detailed plan.

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