Getting back together with your ex boyfriend

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Getting back together with your ex boyfriend is hardly the easiest thing in the world to accomplish, particularly when you already know he isn’t interested in getting back together. The question becomes whether the fact he doesn’t want you back will be true permanently, or whether it might be possible to change his mind. Either might be true, depending on your unique situation.

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You can’t make him feel love for you if it’s just not within him, but you can take some steps to make the love he once felt grow again. To figure out what steps to take, you’ll need to isolate the point where your relationship went south, and determine why it happened. Furthermore, after you know what went wrong you also have to figure out what it will take to keep the same thing from going wrong again.

What changes are you willing to make? What are you willing to do differently, if you succeed in getting back together with your ex boyfriend? Will it be enough to tell him you plan to change, or do you have to SHOW him?

Also think about this: Are you expecting him to make changes too? Is that realistic, and are you willing to tell him what your expectations are? It’s not fair of you to go back to the relationship without letting him know your new plan for staying together.

If there were issues of trust in your relationship — for example, if you cheated on him — how can you convince him it won’t happen again? Here’s an even more difficult situation: If he cheated on you, and you’re still interested in getting back together, are you planning to be okay with him cheating in the future? Or do you have plans to change your own behavior somehow, so that he won’t want to cheat any more?

There are other behavioral examples that could have caused him to break up with you. Did he want you to stop smoking, or lose excess weight? Sure, changing your behavior might make you more physically healthy, and bring him back — but is doing either of these for HIS sake an emotionally healthy thing for you?

In any case, getting back together with your ex boyfriend is not a one-sided effort. At some point, he’ll have to be involved. It will help to have someone on your side before that, like a sister or a close friend who understands where you’re coming from. If you don’t have someone like that, you’ll really benefit from a self-help book on getting back together.

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