Getting back together with an ex - Single most important rule for getting back together

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Getting back together with an ex happens all the time, right? But to other people. Not you. At least that’s how it feels — but here is how to make YOUR story be the getting-back-together-with-an-ex story you wish for.

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It all starts with No Contact

Don’t you just hate the no contact rule? For one thing, it’s hard to tell what it’s used for.

You crawl around the internet with lovesick eyes long enough, looking for help… and you discover one forum full of people advocating the no contact rule as a means of forgetting all about your ex. “Get over her or him and never look back” is what they’re all about.

But then you look in a different place, probably on the same damn forum, and there’s another bunch of people advocating the no contact rule as the best way of getting back together with an ex. What’s that all about?

Confusingly enough, they’re both right.

“Absence makes the heart grow fonder”… so the no contact rule works to get someone back.

“Remove the victim”… so it also works to heal the pain of a permanent breakup.

That’s just the way it is.

I’m one of those people who’s usually offering advice on the “How to get your ex BACK” side of things, and I’m here to tell you I believe going no contact is the first step.

If you don’t stay away from your ex for a while you’ll do something stupid. Guaranteed. And you might do something that’s the death stroke for your relationship… so until you get your head on straight and decide on a plan of attack — just stay the hell away. Seriously.

It doesn’t end with No Contact

On this site, there’s quite a bit of information related to the no contact rule:

You’ll want to check those out, and also check out Kit’s review of The Magic of Making Up… mostly because it helps you get through the crazy-miserable-depression part of a breakup, PLUS tells you what goes in that plan of attack you’re going to need… but also because T Dub Jackson is a friend of mine, and about the smartest guy I know, and he wrote a book that I know works.

Take care.

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