Get your girlfriend back - But which of these mistakes is stopping you?

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If you’ve broken up with your girl and you’re trying to get her to come back to you, there are certainly things that will only drive her further away. Breaking up doesn’t mean it’s over but the way you behave after the break-up could kill any chances you have of ever mending things.

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If you want to get your girlfriend back, it’s recommended that you DON’T do the following things:

  1. Yes, you’re broken and you feel like life just can’t go on, but begging, pleading and crying in her presence will only make her think you’re desperate. You are the man in the relationship, the one who steers the ship. What if you were on a ship and it was sinking and the captain started to cry? You’d know for certain that it’s a long swim to shore.

    That’s the same way it is if you’re trying to get your girl back. Yes, it’s bad and it’s painful, but crying and begging and looking desperate only makes things worse.

  2. You’re totally concerned that she may be seeing someone else. You wonder how she spends her time. Whatever you do, don’t try to stalk her. It will make her despise you, and you will look more than just desperate; you’ll look a little crazy.

    Many men stalk women after a relationship is over, but it only makes the woman afraid of them and they want nothing to do with them any more. If she starts thinking that you’re a little bit crazy, what really are your chances of you winning her back?

  3. The same goes for endless phoning, texting and emailing. You have broken up, so start by respecting the fact that she wants some time away from you. When you call her, text her and each time she opens her inbox there are 10 emails from you, she will withdraw.

    The first thing that many women do is change their phone number and email address if they see this from a man. Because you’re caught in this mad cycle of jealousy, you start trying to get to know her new contact number and email. The harder you try, the crazier you look, and not just to her, but to everyone you approach and ask if they could help you.

  4. Some girls may like this, but in most cases making a public spectacle of trying to win her back may just be your chance gone forever. It’s tempting to sing a serenade under her bedroom window, but think about how crazy and desperate you look at that moment. Wouldn’t you want her to consider taking you back because you’re worth having, rather than because you embarrassed her so much that she had to take you back?

If you look at all the things listed here that you must not do if you’re trying to get your girlfriend back, you’ll notice that they all have a common theme; you need to sit back, grieve, feel the pain and unravel the relationship so that you can tell just where you went wrong.

Reflection after a break-up is highly recommended because it shows you exactly what went wrong, and where, if you do get your girlfriend back, you need to fix things.

Don’t rush into winning her back — give yourself time so that you can make an objective approach.

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