Get your girlfriend back with flowers

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Get your girlfriend back with flowers. Don’t laugh, it can really work.

Men tend to think that sending flowers or buying gifts for that special lady is trite or outdated. If done in the right spirit, though, you can win back your girlfriend with flowers, chocolates, jewelry, or any other nice present.

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But understand this — Your gifts must be a tangible symbol of your true feelings.

What kind of flowers?

Any type of flower is great, but start off with the traditional roses, and make them red.

For your next flowers, try something sweet, such as carnations — pink is nice.

A seasonal arrangement of several varieties is a great choice, too, and the florist can assist with many beautiful ideas.

How often should you send flowers?

Flowers are pricy, so sending them too often drains your wallet and sends the message to your girlfriend that you don’t budget your money well. Once a week is the most you should send flowers.

Include a note

The note included with the flowers is nearly as important as the blossoms themselves. It can be as simple as “I love you” or “I’m sorry.”

Change the message with each floral delivery…

“You mean more to me than anything else.”

“You’re my world.”

Do I have to send flowers forever?

No, of course not, unless you have plenty of money, but most of us regular people have bills to pay.

Be sure you’re following up with action — treat her nicely and considerately. Pay attention to her when she talks and compliment her outfit, hair, and cooking.

Flowers work wonders – make them work for you and get your girlfriend back!

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