Get your girlfriend back: 3 time-efficient ways

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If you’ve ever tried to get your girlfriend back and found out firsthand that it’s just a waste of time and effort, think again.

You’re probably not doing it right. It’s not what you do that counts, but how you do it.

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Consider these 3 time-efficient ways to get your girlfriend back:

  1. Call her only once a week – and stop apologizing every time you get a chance to speak to her! Stop those everyday calls that only end up irritating her further. Women are wired to be chased, but once you stop doing what you’re always doing to get your girlfriend back, the tendency is she’s going to start to wonder and become curious why. At this point, you’ve got her attention. And you’ve saved yourself a lot of time.

  2. Don’t talk about the relationship. Talk about yourself.   This tip may sound selfish at first glance, but it has its own purpose. She’s trying to forget about you right? So don’t bring up anything that can make her remember… directly. Don’t bring the past up. Instead, let it come in its own time.

    In the meantime, dwell on yourself. What have you been up to, what’s going on in your life, who you’re going out with probably? Just don’t go overboard as if you’re trying to show her that you don’t need her, or that you’re using someone else to cover up your true feelings for her. Don’t make it natural. Be natural.

  3. Indirectly talk about yourself – then revert back to reality.  How do you do this? Try calling her up on the phone for example: “Hi Nicole, it’s me Will. What’s up with you? I’ve been hitting at it all week at the gym. And so far it’s giving me cool results. You were right about getting a workout sometime to clear up my senses….  Anyways, I gotta rush for now. Busy day again, and the guys are hooking me up with someone tonight. Nothing special, but who knows?”

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