Get your ex girlfriend back

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To get your ex girlfriend back, you must execute a plan that includes these four steps:

  1. Apologize for your mistakes, and agree to break up.
  2. Stay away from her for at least a month.
  3. While you’re apart, correct your own personal faults.
  4. Slowly initiate contact again.

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But after you get her back, how do you keep her? It’s that age old question: “What do women want?”

Here is a good list of things you can do to make your resurrected relationship a happy one.

  1. Vary your relationship routine. Try new things. “Hey, let’s take scuba lessons!” for example.
  2. Find common ground with her friends and family. She needs their approval of her relationship with you, so make an effort to find a way to connect with each of them. You want to find something you can talk about without conflict, when you’re all together.
  3. Make her laugh. Affectionate teasing can be a good thing, especially if you smile at her to show her you love her. Develop “inside jokes” that the two of you can share when you’re among other people.
  4. Show your appreciation for her. When she does something that benefits you, say thank you.
  5. Be yourself with her, and be confident in who you are. After all, you are the man she fell in love with. You don’t need to pretend to be anyone else.
  6. Learn to recognize her moods, and their rhythms. Adapt to them. Be especially considerate of her when she’s moody.
  7. Maintain your appearance. Bathe. Shave. Your goal is to make her proud to be with you in front of her friends and family.
  8. Develop an interest that you can share with her — something she already likes. You need at least one conversational subject that you both care about, and an enjoyable activity that you can do together.
  9. Train yourself not to look at other women when you are with her.
  10. Do little things for her. For example, deal with a chore she can’t stand. Fix meals; do the laundry; wash the dog; take the car for an oil change. When it’s time for flowers, don’t have them delivered to her. Instead, buy cut flowers and arrange them yourself. Remember, the best gifts are your efforts, not expensive gestures.
  11. Encourage her to feel good about herself. Support her goals, and her efforts to try new things. Praise her.

After you get your ex girlfriend back, to keep her will take hard work. Remember, you broke up once, and it will happen again if you don’t do things differently this time. Make an effort to be a better man, and a better boyfriend, and maybe this time you can actually grow old together.

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