Get Your Ex Girlfriend Back - Do You Know the 4 Tricky Methods?

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I have been searching the internet, collecting all the ways that people are advised about how to get an ex back, after a breakup. During my research, I have noticed something interesting. When guys are advising each other on the topic of “How to get your ex girlfriend back,” they mostly talk about tricks they can use to get her back.

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This is in contrast to the approaches that women are drawn to. Women seem to focus on what they did wrong, what the guy did wrong, what needs to change, etc. Women are asking, “What can I do to make him like me again?” But guys are asking, “How can I trick her into getting back with me?” I don’t mean to make any judgment here; I just find it interesting.

Are you a guy wanting to know the 4 tricky methods to get your ex girlfriend back? Here is what my research came up with:

1. Use Bribery

Whether by giving her gifts, or just making promises, some guys will try to get their ex girlfriend back by bribing her. Gifts can be the usual presents of flowers and jewelry, or can be something that allows you to spend time together, like tickets to a concert, or even an all-expenses-paid vacation.

Promises are not expensive like gifts are. Men will promise that things will be different if they get back together. They promise to change themselves — stop smoking, stop drinking, get counseling, become reliable. They promise to commit, and even get married. They promise to stop cheating.

Men say, “Baby, I promise…,” and sometimes it works. If your girlfriend dumped you because you couldn’t commit, getting engaged can work to get her back, even if you never go through with the wedding.

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2. Use Reverse Psychology

Guys are always looking for ways to use psychology in relationships. Reverse psychology is the best way to get your ex girlfriend back, if you have already done all the wrong things. If you have been harassing your ex girlfriend, or if you have gone overboard with texting and calling her, or if you have been begging for her to get back together — then you need to make an about-face and switch to reverse psychology.

You can confuse her by acting like you’re not interested. Because of your past behavior, she has all her defenses up against you. When you act self-assured, and stay cool and distant whenever you see her, she will start to wonder what’s up with you. By acting like your life is going great, you get her focused back on you. Her ego will make her want you back.

3. Make Her Jealous

If you are in a situation where your ex girlfriend sees you all the time, or hears about you from her friends, then you can try to make her jealous. This is a lot like using reverse psychology. If you start going out with a rebound girlfriend, and your ex girlfriend learns about it, she will get jealous. If it’s hard to find a new girlfriend, just renew a friendship with someone you used to date.

Or, you can flaunt a platonic friendship with a woman you have no intention of dating. You can even start friending a lot of people on Facebook, to make your ex jealous. You start paying attention to other women, and your jealous ex girlfriend will think that they are enjoying all your best qualities, and will want them for herself.

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4. Seduce Her With Make Up Sex

Of all the tricky methods, make up sex is the most fun. It works best if you still live with your ex girlfriend, or if you have a good reason to be alone with her. For example, you could go over to her place to pick up the stuff you left behind when she kicked you out. To seduce your ex girlfriend into make up sex, first you have to start a small fight. Get to the point where you’re in each other’s face arguing, and then stop suddenly and breathlessly confess that it’s turning you on.

You totally switch gears like this, and start coming on to her. Tell her you just want to love her one last time. Tell her it will let you both leave with good memories, and give you “closure.” Make it exciting, and make it all about her. Be loving, and sexy, and tell her you don’t know how you’re going to live without her. Do it right, and she’ll take you back. (Do it wrong, and you’ll end up fighting a lawsuit, so be careful!)

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