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Hey… Kit here. The purpose of this site is to help people out, you know what I’m saying? So I can’t NOT talk about the best help I know about, for people in your situation.

Can I ask you a question?

What if a career sailor who for years did his personal best to keep the military divorce rate down handed you his instruction manual for fixing a broken relationship?

What if he shared with you a lifetime of knowledge, gained by helping his friends keep their troubled relationships together even when it seemed like they were already over?

What if he taught you how to conquer your own current misery, focus on why your ex walked away from you, and then craft and EXECUTE a plan to get them back? recommends
The Magic of Making Up

What if you got a how-to guide so that you knew…

  • when to apologize for hurting someone you love, and exactly what to say
  • what your ex needs in order to forgive an affair
  • how to get someone to act the way YOU want?

In addition, you get his formula for communicating with your ex without reverting to old destructive patterns. Before you know it you’ll be TALKING in an honest way that leads to reconciliation and a fresh start for both of you.

(Sounds almost too good to be true.)

Finding a book like this would have been wishful thinking just a few years ago, but not anymore.

Successful Relationship Consultant T. W. Jackson has been the community ‘go to’ guy for ‘people problems’ all his life.

Now he’s poured that priceless real-world experience into a self-help book that you can be reading within minutes.

More than 50,000 people have done exactly that.

Many have written to thank him for their success.

What would you give, to be as happy as the people who let him publicly expose their thank-you letters? recommends
The Magic of Making Up

You’ll soon see how T. W. Jackson’s The Magic of Making Up reveals the steps you need to take to…

  • stop a divorce
  • bring back a lover who’s found someone else
  • turn ‘I hate you’ back into ‘I love you’.

This is the original ‘get your ex back’ book. The book that set the standard. The book all later systems are copied from.

It’s the book that can make your dream come true.

See for yourself! recommends
The Magic of Making Up

You’ll thank me for this,

Kit Adams