Get your ex back after a mutual breakup?

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You hear it all the time… how moving on with your life after a mutual breakup isn’t nearly as hard as recovering from getting dumped. But the people who say that? I think they don’t know what they’re talking about.

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The truth is if you’ve been close to another person for an extended period of time, and that relationship comes to an end, it will be pretty hard to put your life in order again. It takes a while to resume living life like you used to before you were half of a couple.

In the beginning it’s hard to adjust. You can’t move on until both your heart and mind are ready. It think it’s actually worse when you and your ex reached a mutual agreement to break up, because you end up partly blaming yourself for your misery, and second-guessing whether or not you did the right thing. It’s hard to begin to move on when you still have mixed feelings about the relationship you ended.

The voices of friends and family can complicate the situation. If your ex was very close to your family they’ll have plenty to say once you tell them you broke up. How could you let this happen? Why? And when you tell them it was partly your decision, they’ll blame you for the loss of someone they’d come to think of as a family member.

If Breaking Up Was A Mistake

The standard advice you see for dealing with a breakup is this: Move on. They (the advice givers) say that’s what will make you feel better. Time, they say, and distance, and moving on with your life.

But you are the only one who knows in your heart what will make you feel better. If you have second thoughts about breaking up, and would rather undo the mistake and get back with your ex, then moving on isn’t the answer for you. Getting back together is.

Your chances of accomplishing this after a mutual breakup are better than in a situation where you got dumped, because you parted on amicable grounds. It means your heart and your ex’s heart are still at least somewhat open to each other.

I say go for it.

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