Get your boyfriend back - 5 tips to make it happen

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You’ve broken up with your boyfriend and life isn’t the same. You love him, and you want to try and get him back. You feel that whatever your differences might be, they can be fixed and you can be happy once more. You can, and there are recommended tips that are known to work. What you need to keep in mind though is that the longer you wait, the more likely he is to move on, and the less your chances of getting him back.

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Here are some things you can do to get your ex boyfriend back, and to get life back the way you want it to be:

  1. You need to let yourself go through the pain of the loss, because that’s the only way you’ll figure out what went wrong. I highlight this is the first tip because if you don’t figure out what went wrong in the first place, the chances of it going wrong again are rather high. Grieving the loss means that you get to think deeply. It also gives you time to reflect on whether to get your ex boyfriend back is really the thing that you want, because on reflection you may discover that after all, you really don’t want him back.

  2. Next, take time to see what your part in the break up was, because it might be you with the problem. This is always a big problem in relationships of all kinds. It’s easy to see what the other person did wrong without thinking objectively about what your role in it was. Yes, you suspected that he was cheating, but how do your think your obsessive snooping made him feel? Could that have been what drove him away? Confront whatever it is you need to confront in yourself, and then work on changing. If you are obsessively jealous, you need to ask yourself why. Are you making him pay for another man’s mistakes, or are you holding on to stereotypes that are affecting your relationship? You get my drift.

  3. Now that you have grieved and you have established what went wrong, you need to reach out to him. When trying to get your ex boyfriend back, it can be easy to throw yourself at him especially if after reflection you find out that it was probably you who was in the wrong. You must never do this. Reach out, say hello, and arrange to meet. Choose a good place that will afford you privacy — it’s a conversation that can go either way. Dress well in something that he likes, but don’t be out to flirt. Simply look great.

  4. Getting straight to the point when you meet is important because the more you beat around the bush, the more you leave an impression of not knowing what you want. That’s completely opposite to what you feel, because you know you want him back. Explain to him that you have thought things through and that you wanted to apologize because you realized that you were wrong. If he was wrong, this is not the time to castigate; let him know that you acknowledge what went wrong, and if he is willing to work on things, then so are you. It’s not a meeting for passing blame or a cross examination of the facts. It’s an acknowledgement and make-up meeting and you’re there to show him that you understand that things can go wrong, but that if 2 people are willing, they can be fixed too.

  5. Men are propelled by self esteem. It’s possible that as your relationship broke down, his self esteem where you’re concerned dipped. Let him know that you still respect and love him, that you have missed him and the role he played in your life. This is especially important if you’re the one who dumped him. The most important thing about trying to get your ex boyfriend back is that you must be sure that it’s a relationship worth saving, and that you’re both willing to work at it.

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