How To Get Guy Back If He's Walked Out On You

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Finished with your guy? Want to desperately get guy back? Then you’re going to have to use a strategy that will help you get him back and not cause him to head for the hills!

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Firstly remember that just because you want him back it doesn’t mean that he wants to come back. If you’ve broken up before and your relationship has become a breakup/makeup merry go round, pretty soon one or both of you will want to one day get off that particular ride for good. So, there is a chance that he might have reached this point, no matter what you now feel and want.

Secondly to get guy back you’re really going to have to look at the relationship as a whole, not just the parts you’re comfortable looking at, because only then can you begin to find out what’s causing the problems.

If you need outside third party help to scrutinize your relationship, then it’s always worthwhile getting that help. If you have good and honest friends who will tell you what you need to hear, as opposed to what you want to hear, then talk to them.

You should also understand that to pull this off you’re going to have to stop acting on whim and emotion and start working a well thought out proven plan. This is probably the most crucial step you will need to take, so get yourself under control. Sit down and plan to do whatever it takes to stop yourself running around making things worse — stop calling him, texting him and trying to force him to see you because begging and pleading won’t work.

Instead, occupy yourself by getting out and meeting new people, take a class, get fit, whatever it takes to help you re-focus and approach the whole situation from a point of clarity and calmness, is what you need to do.

Especially take the time to look at why you want to get guy back, because to be honest, too many people find themselves back with their exs only to discover a few weeks down the line that they have made a huge mistake. So just because you want to get guy back right now, ask yourself if you really should?

If you’ve come to the conclusion that getting this guy back is the right move for you, then once you have yourself under control and you’ve thought things through, then your next move is to call and talk to him.

Understand that he may very well need more time before he is ready to speak to you never mind, entertain the idea of rekindling your relationship. Your goal, if this happens, is not to force the situation. Instead, tell him that you understand completely and then tell him you will give him more time to think things through. Leave it at that and continue living your life and keeping yourself busy.

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