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There are all kinds of texts out there, all over the internet, about how to get your ex girlfriend back. Well-known texts like The Magic of Making Up, with step-by-step instructions on how to get her back.

But it’s also useful to have a list of what NOT to do. Couples have been breaking up and getting back together for years, and there are techniques that are known not to work. Here’s a list of nine ways to fail at getting her back:

  1. Don’t be overly nosy about what she’s doing now. When you see her, or talk to her, don’t ask her where she has been, or who she has been with. What she does in her daily life is honestly none of your business any more.
  2. If she has found a rebound relationship, don’t critique her new guy. If you question her judgment in finding someone new, that’s just a sign that you don’t trust her. She’s not going to be interested in getting back with a guy who doesn’t trust her.
  3. Don’t try to get her back by making her jealous. Most women, this will just make them mad. If you flirt right in front of her, with every girl you see, or talk about all the other women who are attracted to you — especially if you talk about friends of hers, or someone she knows — she will be able to tell that you are doing it on purpose. She will think you’re making it up, and it’s just going to make her mad.
  4. Don’t stalk her. Don’t show up where she’s staying, or even drive by. Don’t call her all the time; don’t text her all the time. Don’t email her all the time. You should go days without trying to contact her. Leave her alone, and let her have some space. You’ll never get your ex girlfriend back if she feels like you’re stalking her.
  5. Don’t do obscene things. Don’t send her pictures of your dick. Don’t write her smutty letters. Don’t text her with dirty descriptions of the sex you want to have with her. She’ll interpret this as threatening and stalking.
  6. Don’t approach her when you’re intoxicated. Don’t get drunk, or high, and go see her. When you’re not thinking straight, don’t send her emails that you’ll regret later. Stay in control of yourself, or leave her alone.
  7. Don’t try to get revenge on her, for leaving you. Don’t bust out the windshield of her car, or destroy her property. Don’t post naked pictures of her on the internet, or bad-mouth her in your blog.
  8. This one is most important: you can’t get your ex girlfriend back if you don’t figure out why you lost her. Don’t even attempt it without understanding this. Sit down and make a list of things you were doing that made her unhappy. If she told you why she was leaving, it’ll be that much easier. But if she didn’t — if she just said she needed space or she didn’t want to be with you any more — then YOU need to figure out what needs she had that you weren’t meeting. Did you violate her trust by cheating on her? Did you try to control her? Were you distant from her?
  9. Lastly, you can’t get your ex girlfriend back if you are still in an emotional state where you think you’ll die if you don’t. If your every thought is of her, and you still spend every minute of the day hurting, then you are not ready to work on trying to get her back yet.

Keep this list in mind as you read through other articles and book with advice on getting your ex back. If they tell you to try any of the things listed above, run away. The advice they’re giving is not worth reading.

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