Flirting with your ex: 10 tips on how to flirt with your ex, plus 7 mistakes to avoid

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Flirting with your ex boyfriend or husband is almost like flirting with any other guy. The techniques are the same. But one important thing is different: your state of mind.

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Usually, if you find yourself thinking about whether or not you should flirt with your ex, not to mention how to flirt with your ex, it means you want to get him back. You probably are obsessed with him, and still getting over your break up — and that means there’s a danger you could go overboard when you flirt.

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So for you, because you’re flirting with an ex and not just any regular guy, the “Don’t overdo it” guideline becomes especially important.

Let’s review the basics techniques for flirting with a guy:

  1. Dress attractively. You don’t have to dress too provocatively unless that’s what your ex likes, but consider showing some skin. If it’s not normal for you to wear clothes that are obviously sexy, then don’t do it now. It will be too obvious, and could make you look desperate.

  2. Keep your body language open. Don’t close in on yourself, even if you are depressed.

  3. When he’s looking at you, look into his eyes and hold eye contact briefly. Then look away. Don’t hold his gaze too long, or try to communicate anything. Since he’s your ex and you already know him well, you might be tempted to do that — but it would be too much.

  4. While your eyes meet, smile.

  5. Get yourself someplace where you are alone, and approachable. If you are with friends, break away from them and go where he can see you are alone.

  6. When you talk to him, give him compliments.

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  7. Play with your hair.

  8. Play with your jewelry. Fingering your necklace can be sexy. You can twirl rings or bracelets too, but don’t keep your head down or spend too much time looking at them. You don’t want to look nervous; you want to confidently make eye contact with your ex.

  9. Touch him. Don’t let the touches last too long, though. You can’t assume it’s okay to be as intimate as you were when you were together. You want to touch him like you would a new guy you’re trying to make interested in you.

  10. Tease him. Stay away from references to relationship baggage, though. Don’t tease him about any touchy subjects, or say anything that might hurt his feelings. A good rule of thumb is to tease him about what’s going on in the present, not about things that have happened in the past.

When you’re flirting with your ex, you also have to know what mistakes to avoid. These mistakes mainly have to do with knowing when the time is wrong for flirting.

Don’t flirt with your ex:

  • When he’s angry.
  • When he’s sad.
  • When he’s anxious or nervous or worried.
  • When he’s with people he wouldn’t want you to flirt in front of.
  • When he’s in the middle of doing “guy stuff”.
  • When he’s in conversation with his friends, and you would be interrupting him.
  • (Most important) When he’s with his new girlfriend.

I hope this advice on how to flirt with your ex boyfriend makes you feel more confident about giving it a try. There’s nothing wrong with flirting with an ex, if your ultimate goal is to get back together. After all, it will never happen if he doesn’t know you want him back!

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