Is it easier to get your girlfriend back than to find someone new?

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For some of you guys who have just been through a breakup, it is definitely true that it is easier to get your ex girlfriend back than it is to find a new girlfriend.

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Consider this guy I know pretty well: I’ll call him “David.” How much do you have in common with him?

My friend David is 27 years old, with homely-to-average looks (and he’s a little bit overweight), and he was unattached for a long time before he began his relationship with his recent girlfriend.

He says he remembers how long it took him to get close to her, and he is afraid of how long it will take to find someone else. He’s even afraid it will never happen at all.

I can tell that being in a relationship was a large source of David’s self-esteem. Secretly, he was proud of being a “regular guy” who had a girlfriend. It made him feel like a man.

Now, he thinks his male friends see him as a failure for getting dumped. He feels embarrassed about it.

He wants to get back the security and status of being in a relationship — but to him, getting back a woman he has already been intimate with seems a whole lot easier than trying to meet new women, and get close to one of them.

David has hardly ever dated at all. He wasn’t very confident the last time he tried dating, and he doesn’t feel any more confident now. He looks at his future and is afraid he faces months, or even years, of being alone again.

I’m not surprised he wants to get back his girlfriend, that he still loves. He’s a perfect example of what I’m talking about — a guy who probably has a better chance of getting his girlfriend back than he has of finding someone new.

So right now, David throws questions at me and anyone else who’ll listen:

  • “I know what I did wrong. I want to take it back. How can I get a do-over?”
  • “She blind-sided me. It’s not fair to tell me there’s a problem, and then dump me without giving me a chance to fix it. How do I convince her I deserve a second chance?”
  • “Do guys who get dumped ever win back their girlfriends?”
  • “Does looking for an answer on the internet make me a loser?”

Fortunately, I have some answers for David, and men like him.

Yes, guys do get their girlfriends back, and he can too. Couples get back together all the time — don’t you even know some couples who break up and get back together over and over again?

Getting back together is totally possible, and searching the internet for answers is not stupid. Really it’s exactly the kind of problem where it makes sense to look for answers online — because relationship issues fall into the self-help category.

Why does that matter? It matters because it’s becoming more and more common for authors of self-help books to publish their work electronically. Self-publishing is easier and faster than finding an agent and submitting a book to major publishers — one by one, rejection after rejection — and possibly never getting published at all.

Today’s technology makes it possible to print books on demand, or deliver them on CD, or even download them as PDFs.

So, what about David’s other questions? What self-help book has answers to these?

I recommend a book called The Magic of Making Up. I like it because of its focus on relationship psychology, and particularly female psychology.

Understanding the psychology of relationships is a key factor in getting your girlfriend back. Plus, there’s the psychology of coping with your own feelings of rejection, shame and depression — emotions that also need to be dealt with.

Read this sneak peek at The Magic of Making Up. You’ll see why I say its author has a good grasp of psychological tactics — including separate tactics for women and men.

You’ll also want to click here to look at the author’s own Magic of Making Up home page. Read his story, and then towards the bottom of the page be sure to click his button for downloading the book, so you can get started on getting your girlfriend back today!