Does my ex want me back? - Real questions with real answers

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When I review the Google searches that guys use to find this website, I learn what they’re really experiencing after their breakup. I always see a bunch of searches where a guy is asking, “Does my ex want me back?”

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Let me list a few for you that I’ve seen this month:

Does my ex want me back if she says she wants to hang out as friends?

Has it been a while since she broke up with you — long enough that you are past the initial pain of rejection, and you are used to not having her around any more?

If this is true, and now she’s saying she wants to be friends with you, and start hanging out again, then that’s a really good sign. I would say it means she’s at least thinking of what it would be like to get back together with you.

It probably means she misses you, and wants to give you a try-out period so she can decide if she really does want you back.

Even if she’s only just lonely, and just wants to spend time with you because she’s having a hard time meeting someone new — her wanting to hang out with you puts you in a good position for getting her back.

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Does my ex want me back if she is nice to me, and then ignores me, and then is nice to me again?

I think this behavior in an ex girlfriend qualifies as a sign she wants you back. I think you’re seeing her playing hard to get, and acting like she doesn’t care.

Both of those behaviors are ones you see recommended for people who want to get back together with their ex. Since you’re seeing it in her, some friend or website probably recommended it to her. Or maybe she even thought it up herself.

If your ex is treating you this way, I think you should wait for one of the times when she’s being nice to you, and then be extra nice to her. Be really affectionate and sweet, and admit that you miss her.

Don’t act too needy, though. You want her to know that you’re interested, but also that you’ll be just fine if she’s not interested. You sort of need to follow the same advice that she’s following, only don’t be so extreme. Don’t be as hot-and-cold as she has been.

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Does my ex want me back if she left a message asking me to call her?

This time, I have to say no. There could be all kinds of reasons why she wants you to call her. It doesn’t matter whether you broke up a long time ago, or recently — you just can’t assume that her wanting you to call her is a sign she wants you back.

I do think you should call her back, though, as long as she hasn’t been contacting you too much or harassing you. It’s just common courtesy. Maybe she wants to pay you back some money she owes you! You never know.

Do you ever wonder what she’s thinking? If you’re trying to figure out whether she wants you back, you probably do.

The thing is… if that’s your state of mind, then you’re at her mercy. You’re wondering what she wants instead of taking proactive steps to get what YOU want.

If you want her back, you just need to learn how to change her mind.

Near the beginning of The Magic of Making Up, it says you have to suppress your feelings of panic or desperation, and strategize to get your ex back.

You should read our review of the book, where we answer the questions some guys have asked about it.

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