Does my boyfriend still love me?

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Let me tell you something, ladies: Yes he still loves you! In fact for whatever reasons you guys broke up, it has nothing to do with him not loving you anymore.

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So why are you guys not together if he still loves you? Now it could be for many reasons. It could be because of jealousy, because of you being too possessive or because you cheated on him and he thought it was best to end the relationship. However you can still get your ex back if your heart desires. It will require you to be proactive because things aren’t going to happen by themselves, however you want to be careful about what you see and what you do, because you could only make matters worse. That’s why before trying to get him back, you should give him some space and time to digest the break up.

But don’t go disappear off the map just like that. You just don’t want to harass him over the phone, over e-mails or text messages by telling him how sorry you are about what you did etc. Instead spend some time on yourself, think about what went wrong and work on your plan to get him back.

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