Surviving Infidelity in Marriage - 3 Simple Tips For Beating Depression Without Prescription Drugs

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There is nothing wrong with feeling depressed after you discover infidelity in your marriage. It is natural to feel betrayed, depressed, all other emotions. Still, what I know about surviving infidelity in marriage, is that you must find ways for coping and beating depression without prescription drugs – so you can speak rationally and appropriately to your partner instead of pushing them further away, with your overwhelming emotions. Here are 3 simple tips I’ve used and recommend…

1. Get some exercise – even a slow walk helps ease your pain.

You’re probably tired of feeling lethargic, listless and crying all the time. So, the best thing you can do is ask someone to take a slow walk with you. It doesn’t have to be a long walk. But do your best to pick a peaceful, quiet place where you feel safe. If you feel your emotions well up inside? Just keep walking. Take one step at a time. It’s all you can do and it’s enough.

2. Quiet your mind and ignore those mental demons. Meditate.

Have you been trying to keep your mind from thinking negative thoughts? It’s simpler than you think. But it does require some practice and discipline and a willingness to try and try again. Close your eyes. Sit still (Yes, the first few times are scary, but remember you can open your eyes anytime and try again.). Focus on your breath. Pay attention to it. If a thought comes up, let it pass. Keep focusing on your breathing. In, out, in, out, in, out. Don’t react to the thoughts that pop out. Just concentrate on your breathing. This takes practice but I guarantee you it helps lift your mood more and more as you practice it.

3. Avoid drinking alcohol – it only harms your body and prevents you from successfully overcoming depressing feelings.

Did you know? Alcohol is a depressant and is toxic to your body. How can your body help you beat depression if you’re feeding it ingredients that cause depression? There are other ways to reclaim your power over depressing thoughts. Don’t allow them to torture you anymore. Use tips 1 and 2 above to work through the pain. I know you can do it.

Get some exercise (take a walk), tame your mind (meditate) and avoid alcohol. These are three simple tips you can use right now to beat depression after experiencing infidelity in marriage. Having a partner cheat on you is known as having an extreme crisis in marriage. My best advice is to seek professional help from those experienced in helping others cope with infidelity and save their marriage.

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