Dealing With Relationship Depression

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If you are dealing with relationship depression you are going to learn that it is quite a common problem. When you are still together after all you have been through with a near break up, you expect to be happy. It is difficult to understand why you are in a state of depression.

If in the relationship you were cheated on it may have left you rather fragile mentally.

If there was cheating in the relationship, you are likely still emotionally very weak. Where you have gone through a break up or a period apart, this was probably more painful while you trying to work out what you should do, than during the period of the cheating.. Being cheated on is perhaps what can be most painful in a relationship. In the case where you forgave your partner for cheating, to let the relationship continue, the wounds are going to take some time to heal and you will likely suffer a depression during this recovery period.

In the case where you cheated and your partner has forgiven you, when it starts to sink all the pain you have caused them, this could also leave you in a depression. You live under the sensation that they are watching everything you do and you think that they no longer have any trust in you. You may also be depressed as you realize now that you should have left the relationship.

There are many other reasons than where cheating was involved, for falling into a depression. Your partner has just left you or is saying he is going to do so. You are now back together but the thought that he was planning on leaving you has left you very depressed.

Last of all there is the worst thing that can happen and certainly the most painful is the break up; and this for whatever the reason may be. Where you stayed together this could always happen as the times you have spent together were very tense at the end. The final break up can be compare with having to get over the death of someone who was very close to you and it will likely leave you very depressed.

Getting over a break up or separation is never easy for anybody. You should consider yourself very fortunate when you can patch things up and stay together. So once you are sure this relationship is right for you, you should do all you can and fight to strengthen it. Your relationship depression will eventually pass.

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