Dealing With Break Ups

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Dealing with break ups is not always an easy thing to do because we are already quite overwrought with emotions. Yet, that is precisely the time when it is most essential to maintain a clear head and to make sure that nothing foolish is done in the sensitive interim between breakup and cooling down.

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It is not surprising for emotionally delicate people to feel that all the lights in the universe have gone out when a relationship breaks down. This is why all break ups are traumatic in at least some sense. Because of this it often happens that in the friendliest of splits there might be at least one party who is feeling the same kind of emotional trauma that goes with losing someone to death.

There are simply too many reasons that lead to breakups but some of them could be infidelity, jealousy, apparent lack of trust, unsatisfied sex life, and so on. The real issue here is that some of the causes of a break up might very well be carried into the next relationship thereby doubling the risk for potential trauma.

One of the most effective ways of dealing with the trauma and negative emotions that accompany any break up is Hypnotherapy.

The emotional backdrop of every break up is different but one decision remains common when dealing with break ups. That decision is how you choose to personally react to a break up and the other emotions flying around you. This is not entirely a mental exercise because some people are strong enough (or cold enough according to some people) to do what is known as “picking up the pieces” and moving on as if they had survived a road accident with a few scratches. On the other hand are people who feel utterly shattered and unable to move ahead with their lives. While it would be unwise to criticize either reaction, both of them could do with a bit of moderation.

People who undergo trauma need more help than others because their lives are brought to a standstill after a break up. Hypnotherapy works in incremental steps to help people get over their emotional hurdles so that they can continue leading normal lives.

It might sound cruel (especially in a traumatic state) but in case of a break up, it is best to forget rather than to remember painfully. The pain might sound glorious but it does not do anybody any good. People with trauma imagine many situations in which they keep playing with the might-have-been and imagining how much they need the person they lost. Hypnotherapy is a slow and steady cure to get rid of this dependence on fantasy because that person is already gone and you need to continue on your own. And the real truth is that you can but you are not letting yourself do it.

If you do not let your mind dwell on the relationship on the person involved then your outlook and attitude will improve, thereby improving your quality of life. Memories, good or bad, can always be negative if you do not maintain strict control over them. Hypnotherapy can help you establish such a control in order for your mind to exert itself on other more important matters and heal your life.

Memories are the biggest hurdle when it comes to moving on after a break up. Whether you are remember the good moments or the bad, a vacation, a favorite bar, the first place you met, the details do not matter … your memories only reinforce your loss and an abrupt end to a healthy relationship and you need to realize and accept that the loss is complete and that the relationship is over. Dwelling on it will only lead to grief.

Another mistake you could do is keeping small items as memorandums of your partner. Since your relationship is coming to and end you should not withhold personal items that you associate with memories. This too might sound harsh but if you do not wish to fall into emotional trauma, it is prudent.

It is possible and oftentimes it is easy dealing with break ups, you just need to take a few precautions that can free you from the past instead of keeping you stuck there.

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