Article List: Successful Relationships

Heart Sharing - A Safe Way to Deepen Intimacy and Promote Honest Authentic Sharing in Relationship

Picture of she is talking he is truly listening.jpg Miscommunications and superficial conversations are all too common in our daily interactions with partners and friends.

How to Have Great Sex: Start With the Right Questions

Picture of couple snuggling in bed.jpg Couples must discover each other’s sexual turn-ons and turn-offs (as well as their own), and create a shared sexual journey that is supported by ongoing, effective communication.

Love, Laughter and Marriage - Why Laughter is Vital to a Healthy Relationship

Picture of couple laughing clasping hands over table.jpg Couples who enjoy successful relationships incorporate laughter and playfulness into their everyday lives. Get some practical suggestions for incorporating more playfulness into your marriage or relationship.

Marriage Problems - How to Improve Your Marriage Without Talking About It

Picture of couple driving in a convertible.jpg The best advice for men is to incorporate small connective gestures into their routine. Women should start conversations with touch.

Relationships: Recipe for Success

Picture of couple in tee shirts smiling at each other.jpg Those wanting a successful relationship are well advised to leave such attitudes toward your partner as: avoidance, contempt, condescension, scorn, condemnation, ridiculing, disdain, indifference, discourtesy, and …

The Art of Communication in a Relationship

Picture of sitting in tall grass he embraces her.jpg Communication is a vital part of a healthy relationship. Here are some things that I have learned in life that have made me the man I am today.